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    Michael Chopp

      Hi everyone! My name is Michael Chopp, I currently reside in Green Bay, WI and have my studio/mixing space set up in the bedroom of my 2nd-floor apartment. I am primarily an Audio Technician for live production and events, working at a production company here in Green Bay. Most of the time I am working in a live setting hanging PA systems, mixing FOH and monitors, and system tech'ing. Studio work was something I discovered my passion for while in college at Michigan Technological University. While in school I got to work on many awesome recording sessions through courses and extracurricular activities, learning about many topics from microphone theory and mic placement techniques to learning to work with musicians effectively in the studio. I was also able to use many high-end pieces of equipment in the studio and recording spaces, including various pieces of outboard gear, a full Pro Tools HD system, and custom student-made monitoring loudspeakers. One of my proudest projects I worked on was my final recording project in recording class, where I recorded and produced a local rock band performing a cover of Metallica's "The Unforgiven". You can listen to the project in my portfolio:

      I learned in school that producing music is something I have a strong passion for, so I continue to practice mixing and producing as often as I can focusing on the song and always thinking about ways to make the song speak better or flow better. I currently an mixing in Logic Pro X, however, I am also well versed in Pro Tools (just haven't bought it personally). My favorite part about my studio are the loudspeakers. These are the MC8r Reference Monitors that I designed and built myself. The monitors have an incredibly flat frequency response but also emit a remarkably deep soundstage, making them great for studio work. I often find myself hearing very small details in songs that I otherwise would not have heard in other speaker systems. My bedroom has a significant resonance around 150Hz, so I often switch between monitoring from the speakers and my Sony MDR7506 headphones to make sure my mix is translating properly.

      I find my self working with rock music primarily, however, as of late I am branching out and working on more diverse genres to broaden my skills. I'm mixing in the box, so I don't have any pieces of outboard gear or anything of that nature. I'm working off of a 2015 Macbook Pro (with a Glyph 2TB storage drive) using a Scarlett 2i2 which outputs to the miniDSP 2x4 unit (which controls all the EQ and crossovers for the speakers) and then from there to the amps and to the boxes. I do own some instruments, a Fender Squire 6 string guitar that I play almost daily, learning and jamming to songs. Out in the garage, I have a 5-piece drum kit where I've been taking online lessons at Drumeo really focusing on becoming a better drummer. Someday I would really love to have a space to record in and bring groups in to work with. I would love to work with younger groups and help them make great music!

      Favorite plug-ins:

      -S1 Imager
      -Renaissance Comp
      -SSL Bus Comp

      Some gear I'm keeping an eye on right now are
      1) a new computer; either a MacBook pro or something beefier like a Mac mini or iMac
      2) acoustic treatment for my bedroom; just some basic diffusion and absorption, maybe a bass trap

      Pictures of my current studio setup can be found here:

      Nate Wycoff

        Hello fellow Wisconsinite! There’s a bunch of us in here now! 🙂

        Michael Chopp

          Great to meet you!!

          Joe Jurneke

            Nice setup Michael!

            SHE STUDIOS [Sheila]

              Hi Michael! I’m from Wisconsin too : )

              Michael Chopp

                Nice to meet you Sheila!

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