Academy Dashboard Forum 2021 - Productions 2021 - Jun Me & The City..."Wild Ones". mix by Darrell Adams

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    Darrell Adams

      Hi All,

      I'm not sure I'm ready for a Feedback Friday submission, but it's my birthday week, so what the heck.  (72---Yikes!)

      To start, I followed Warren's excellent YouTube tutorial, and got surprising close to that, then I  went down the rabbit hole on my own.  I don't have all the CLA plugs, but do own several of them.  I used the Waves SSL Series E channel, and it worked pretty good on the song, although not as versatile as the CLA version.

      Of course, ALL comments and suggestions are welcome, and thanks for listening!

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      John Marion

        Hi Darrell, Happy Birthday!

        Really cool song.  The bass guitar sounds nice and fat, it could be turned down some.  vocals sound really good. I like the echo choice.   The drums sound good when the mix is sparse, but sound like they're getting squashed a bit when everything else comes in.  Like a compressor might be hitting them a little hard.  possibly on the master bus since it sounds like the bass guitar is triggering the compressor and keeping the drums from blooming a bit more.

        If you're using one of the waves ssl plug-ins on the master bus, it doesn't have a low pass feature built in, but you can set one up using sidechain compression. You could try to highpass somewhere in the ballpark of 60hz so that the compressor doesnt react to all of the low end. Let me know if you've already done this or if you want to know how to set it up.

        I hope this helps.

        Hope you had a great birthday week!


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