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      Hej there, tried another one. Let's see if I`m getting better...would be thankful for feedback! Thanks and stay safe!





      Lem Meador

        Hey, Nick. This is sounding really good. It's balanced. Has good width. Good bottom end, with respect to the top end - i.e. balanced top and bottom. I have not mixed this song, so am not familiar with it. Not sure what the options are. So just a couple of comments as I listen to this song, like I would any other. In the opening, the snare is just a bit forward. Not much. But maybe just a db, or a db and half. Can you automate that and pull it back just a bit? I think it sounds about right in the rest of the mix, after the rest of the instruments fill in, but it seems a bit forward in the open, especially with that boxy snare sound. I'm guessing that's what the producer wanted, given the apparent genre of this song, so just go with that sound. (Again, not familiar, so just guessing.) The other thing that grabbed my ear is the lead guitar placement. It sounds great, but with it placed right behind the lead vocal, the two sounds want to fight with each other, especially as I think the lead is occasionally playing at the same time as the vocal. The vocal seems to be placed in the mix really nicely, but the lead keeps pulling my ear to it, rather than leaving my to listen to the lyrics/primary vocal. You obviously know exactly what you're doing, so I'll just leave that as an observation and you can sort it out any way you want, or not at all. After all, this is just the way I hear it. Don't know about ".... getting better," as you mention above. I didn't hear your previous work, so don't know about better, but I do know that this is GOOD! Nicely done. Keep it up! You're on it!

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