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    Michael Regula

    Hey, made a mix of the song "Old Fashioned" by Todd Kessler, provided by Marc Daniel Nelson. Added some bits a bass to it but still would call it a mix, not remix. The drum tracks were challenging, hope they are ok.

    cheers, Michael

    Konrad Kobic

    Hi Michael,

    drums are tricky to get a good sound from. I do feel the snare feels more like a cajon rather than a snare drum. (seems very boxy). it also feels its not in the same room as the acoustic guitars.

    its an interesting idea for the bass you have presented but is seems to go counter to rest of the pieces timing. I think if you are doing that rhythm that the bass is using, edit the drums to match it and make it a remix.

    other than that the mix is nicely balanced with the other instruments. (Other than the Bass you've added is overpowering and doesn't really blend in with track.)

    Keep going, I look forward to hearing more of your mixes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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