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      1) I'd like to see Connor and Warren break down how they are able to make the videos that they are producing for this community. Ex: Multi camera syncing with on screen computer display and the audio from your lav mic, and daw/converter audio. This one could actually be for the guys behind the scenes that we never see.maybe?

      This would help me get an idea of how I can use my camtasia, old mbox and tablet to produce some YouTube videos for a project that I am creating. I'll fill everyone in once I get a little further along, I believe this community would really love to participate and it is for a really good cause. Also hopefully once a model for this program is created in Louisville, it can spread across the country and also the rest of the world.

      2) I really would like to see more focus on personal mixes for feedback Friday's. I probably won't take the time to mix someone else's tracks simply because I have a long line of my own stuff to do. I understand the value in giving out these mixes from Warren's productions, but I just don't have the time to mix them. The other main point is that Warren is able to get nearly perfect signals on the way in, the majority of the members are still capturing through cheaper mics and pres, meaning our mixing is a bit more "elaborate" to get our sound to that pro level. I learned more from the one personal mix that you critiqued than any of the academy mixes so far. Actually I joined specifically for getting feedback on my personal mixes.

      3) Warren in the E.R. I'm sure you all could come up with a more clever name, but I'd like to see a series where Warren tackles poorly recorded, or flat out mis-recorded sounds and attempts to bring them back to life. I'd love to be able to watch the process of a stem of drums, or multi miced drums or piano, or anything else salvaged after it was captured poorly. In my own experience, I've spent days trying to correct something that couldn't be rerecorded for one reason or another. It wouldnt be us sending you a whole track to mix, I know that costs money, but us sending a single track, or a multi track of a single instrument to be resurrected from the dead. I'm sure for some, you will say, "No way, can't be done", others you will make happen, but understanding the limits of the mixer will be very helpful to us "young" producers.

      Johnny Sommerer

        I would really love to be able to send in personal mixes more often as well. Of course the multitrack sessions are great and you learn a lot, but I have to do so much mixing on my own stuff, I can hardly make time to mix one of the academy projects (It would definitely be fun though). Props to Warren for doing feedback friday every week, he's really making an effort here.


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