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      Thx Paul

      i will tweek some more tho im pretty well decided im not a izotope guy....i did dip that piano up and down on purpose so if its distracting that was a bad decision.

      on a different note will you host June challenge?

      would be great to have an assignment next month? maybe some more people participate as well?

      Paul Motion

        Hey Kip, no worries at all. With the piano it wasn’t distracting at all, I was missing it when it wasn’t there 🙂

        I know what you mean with Izotope. I found the package good for mastering but I’ve not enjoyed using their plugins for mixing.

        Yes! Totally down with hosting June. Watching that latest video from IK promoting Amplitube 5 gave me an evil idea but that might be a bit extreme 😈
        But yes… I’ll publish for June. Hope to get my May mix wrapped up this weekend.

        (Right now listening to the King Curtis version of Whiter Shade… sooooooooo good!)

        Jon griffiths

          oki heres my mix, used only ssl native plugins, had most for a while and not really used them that much which is mad as they are really good, nothing on the master bus at this point.



            Jon that sounds fantastic to me ...i dont know the ssl native but you vocal is perfect to me. the mix is so clean but not sterile.

            really nice work

            Paul Motion

              Hey Jon, really lovely mix. Love the balance of drums and perc in the verses. For the chorus I’d quite like a bit more width, maybe the toms, and the snare up for a bit more punch.
              Love the closer vocals.

              Great mix! 🙂

              Jon griffiths

                Hey thanks guys. I had an older mix of this I did picked for feedback Friday and it had quite a bit wrong, mostly too much master bus comp which I now use a lot less off , goes to show though if you don’t have too many plugins to pick from you can get better results


                  Hi Folks, Below is my effort with the Dead duck free bundle.

                  I admit to using TDR's limiter 6 (minimal) just to check for final levels, adjusted the mix via dead ducks plugins, then removed limiter 6 before bouncing out.

                  I hope it's not too bad :0)



                    @Kip, I really like your updated mix, the only thing for me was... the toms a little poking out as Paul said.

                    @Jon, I agree with Kip, really nice and clean, I miss a little variation in energy between sections, that's about all.

                    This has been a fun challenge, and I've learned that my ears need lots of training, and that this free bundle is usable in the right hands (not mine LoL).


                      nice job steve

                      i like your drums much more than i got..

                      only criticism  i could offer is the acoustic is just a little boxy? sounding..and honestly part of me likes that.

                      yeah still nice work and i hear you on the ear training thats why i can rarely offer advice on eq...i have to hunt for it

                      Paul Motion

                        Nice one Steve. Agree with Kip, really like your drums, again the balance in the verse with the perc is great, and the piano automation is brilliant. Maybe some more width on the drums, especially in the chorus and break.
                        I’d like a bit more effect on the vocals generally. They’re a little dry for me.
                        I actually quite like the acoustic but agree that it’s a bit boxy.. could probably get rid of some of the 700hz ish.

                        The main thing for me is the bass is pretty huge. I’d probably skinny it down a little and turn it down.

                        A small thing.. the electric drop out at the end could probably be cleaned up but that’s just me 🙂

                        I hope that helps!


                          @Kip, Thanks, yep I agree on the acoustic, I struggled trying to get it to sound balanced with the electric, kind of dark, and it ended up "boxy".

                          offering advice / feedback on other peoples mixes I find difficult to do.

                          A, because I feel like a hypocrite (my mix attempts are far from perfect), and B, because I don't know what to suggest to improve the mix I hear (like which eq points to suggest, how many db etc), which means anything I attempt to say is not "Really" helpful to the other person, especially someone new / just starting out.

                          @Paul, Thanks for the kind words and the pointers, I'll certainly pull out some 700Hz on the acoustic, and look into thinning out the bass and look into the drums as well, as for the Vocals I'll try but no promises LoL

                          what kind of vox FX would you like ? (verb / delay, chorus ? no saturation plugin in the bundle).

                          Overall, I feel my mix attempt is a bit heavy, but I was trying to match that electric guitar (heavy , dark and distorted), and struggled to find the balance / energy in the mix.

                          by the way Paul, earlier you mentioned the synth (what to do with it), I muted it until the chorus before the stop, and just blended in underneath from there, just to add a little thickness / energy for the last third of the song, probably overdid it, and muddied it up more than anything, but hey ho, I tried.

                          Cheers for now, 8 day's left, going to dive back in and see what i can do.

                          Arthur Labus

                            Hello fellas !

                            Here's my contribution. Mixed with Acustica plugins, mainly with Cream 2. I had to use a de-esser from Toneboosters as Acustica has no one.

                            Now i am done for today. Will check your mixes next days ! Any feedback would be marvelously appreciated.


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