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    Mary Nance

      We are a mobile recording studio based out of Seattle/Tacoma. We’ve been working with our friend Peter who is a singer and is striving to build a studio in his basement. It is currently under construction and we have already had some recordings there since Dec 2019.

      A CommonTime Production consists of Mary Nance and Sam Geiver. 16 years ago, we played in a band together and quickly became friends and composers of the music for the band. Mary has roots in school band with drumming as early as 5th grade in concert band, while Sam has taught himself to play guitar and bass over the last 30+ years. Originally our journey of recording started all those 16 years ago when we were 8 track recording our band to create our 4 song demo that we used to get gigs. Cakewalk and a prayer lol.

      Fast forward to now and Sam and I are about to get married and are starting a mobile recording business. Over the 16 years since playing those gigs live, Mary gained a love for the art of recording and now producing. Mixing has been a fun adventure as well. Always something new to learn and some “Warren” trick to apply.
      Our long term goal is to propose building a tutoring center/community performance multipurpose room/practice spaces for rent here where we live in Washington. There are not enough opportunities here for people of all walks of life to get to be a part of music. I’d like to also have a brick and mortar studio there where we could hold masterclasses and workshops.

      I am feeling I still need some more help with organizing it all and how to reach the proper channels that can invest in this idea to bring it to life. So we plan to use our mobile recording business to get out there and garner a following so that we can bring this dream to life.

      We use Mixcraft 9 pro for our DAW and are working on a set of tutorials that I plan to share through the forum thread on DAW’s here on the academy. I’m thinking that our YouTube channel will also host these tutorials. Currently I’m working on coming up with ideas on how to create and grow a YouTube channel just for folks to follow us. One of Mary’s hobbies includes photography which also will help with building websites and social media sites.

      Some of the genres that we currently work in are blues, rock, progressive, jazz, funk, country, and pop. I’d love to get into learning how to make EDM music and electronic stuff.

      Currently, some of my favorite plugins have been from the Waves gold bundle. I really like the compressors and the MV2 after watching how to dial it in.

      Some of the gear we use…..
      - Lewitt, Audio Technica, and Shure mics.
      - Mogami wire
      - Presonus AR12 studiolive mixer
      - Quad core computer
      - Laptop
      - Sonar drums
      - Various guitars and other percussion instruments

      Gear wish list….
      - A 24 channel mobile SSL
      - The Apollo x8p
      - 2 Lewitt LCT-640ts mics for rooms
      - Set of cymbals that are suitable for recording
      - Proper monitor speakers (I’m mixing on headphones)

      Thanks for taking the time to read our story! It has been a crazy adventure to here in time and Sam and I are excited and grateful to be a part of the academy. We are looking forward to working with many of you and creating wonderful music along the way.

      Mary and Sam

      Michael Garding

        Great job guys!

        Luca Mocchetto

          Really nice!

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