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    Mark Lowrie

      Guffland Studios

      Based in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve been a performing musician for years, and, in the background, have developed my home studio recording capability. Initially, as a song writer, I was predominantly recording demos of my own material. These days, with progressive improvements in my experience levels, capabilities and equipment, I have been luckily recording and mixing both for me and my bands, and for others as a paid gig. Over the last 12 months, I’ve recorded two full albums and four EPs for others – including an album with Gary Young, who is something of an Australian legend (drummer with bands like Daddy Cool, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, amongst a heap of others).

      I work predominantly in the broad ‘roots’ categories: blues, rock, alt country, folk, etc. As that genre implies, it involves working with a mixture of drums, electric and acoustic guitars and basses, mandolins, resonator and dobro guitars, keys, horns, vocals and harmonies, etc. I have the luxury of access to a couple of rooms in my house – rectangular bedrooms, but ones I have been able to work with. I use one as a control room, and a second, larger room for general recording (I run a snake between the two). I’ve also used various other spaces in the house at different times too.

      My main DAW is Pro Tools, though I have spent a lot of time on Logic X as well. I have a mixture of Universal Audio and MOTU converters giving me up to 24 simultaneous inputs: the UA 4-710 comes with 4 adjustable preamps I enjoy using. I have a range of mics – a Neuman TLM103, a bunch of Shure, Sennheiser and Rodes of different persuasions, and a couple from a guy in Adelaide who operates as Nude Microphones. I particularly like his Swiss Army Blumlein stereo mic – great on OHs. My monitors are Yamaha HS-80Ms. I have built some homemade sound treatment in both rooms, including two large bass traps, which seems to work quite well. On the rear wall of my control room, I have an old CD rack that acts as a surprisingly effective diffusor!

      For the future, as budget allows, I still need to broaden my mic collection and outboard gear (preamp variations - like a BAE 1073 - and compressors) to improve my recording input quality. But these desires are starting to get into the expensive range!

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