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    Mark Bennett

      Howdy! I'm Mark Bennett, I live in Tulsa OK, and this is home project studio. I have sung, played piano/guitars/bass, produced music, written songs and led bands for most of my life in one capacity or another. I enjoy every facet of making music, and my studio is an outlet for passion and creativity when it strikes.

      I built my 120sqft studio room to accomplish two things: Critical mixing, and basic yet high-quality Tracking. Since I do not have the space or "live room" to track drums / full bands, I purpose-built my small rig to cater to vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and virtual instruments. I work with, mix and perform with artists in the Americana / Folk Rock / Singer-Songwriter type genres, and I love to partner with clients who have "unfinished projects".

      The technology behind my rig includes:
      2019 PC w/ ProTools
      UA Apollo (8 input)
      500 series Preamps from Grace, AEA, API, and A designs (and a DBX 160 comp)
      Focal CMS50 Monitors + an Adam Sub
      Room measured and corrected with treatment and a tad bit from a 2 channel, 5-band parametric EQ from Klark Teknik
      Plugins from Waves, Slate, UA, etc
      (Some of my favorites: UA's Pultec emulation, Waves F6, and lately, Soothe2)

      Mics include:
      AKG 414
      Rode NT1a
      Senheiser e609
      Royer R10
      Beyer MC930 stereo pair
      Shure 57, Beta 58
      Audix ADX51

      Noisemakers include:
      Custom Tele from Seth Lee Jones (w/ Surh vintage PAF neck pickup / 'vintage modern' bridge)
      Gibson Midtown Standard (Classic '57 pickups)
      Fender ‘76 Musicmaster bass (w/ Curtis Novak P-style replacement PU)
      ‘62 Gibson LG-0
      ‘67 Gibson J-45
      Baldwin Piano
      M Audio Keystation 88 controller
      Reverend Hellhound 60w Tube Amp

      Pictures here on my Bio:

      or Here:

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