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      thanks Arthur for joining......totally loved your verb....i so want to  pull the trigger on one 480 plugins maybe sooner than later



        im gonna go ahead and share my take away for this challenge as we close out this month.

        i have a bad habit of going into default things i do without  thinking about why am i doing this?

        example mv2 on the bass bus ..a fake drum room plugin chain i do all the time... for me this challenge makes me use my ears more and then ask myself what the song needs over what i tend to just start throwing up out of habit...pls feel free bring any other points you took away.

        so if you guys want a more challenging or a easier  for next month let us know.

        Arthur Labus

          Thanks for the insights Kip !
          I feel, even after all this years, is like a reset for me.
          There are always some new plugins i wanna try, so i am not keeping the workflow at all. Well, i dont have to, but ...

          My wishes - less tracks and more radical limitations (like only tilt eq, or just one console strip)

          Paul Motion

            I like the restrictions as it makes me think about how to solve problems in different ways with the tools I have.
            De-essing by automating the sibilance. Drawing in panning… like a throwback to the days of all hands on deck for the mix down.

            Agree, something with a single channel strip would be interesting. Live band and no samples allowed?

          Viewing 4 posts - 25 through 28 (of 28 total)
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