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      Hello,everybody!:) I mixed this song completely In The Box. Must say - it was the real challenge for me,but the process was incredibly interesting!:) This song is a real ENERGIZE ! And without a doubt - Marc Martel is a rare, unique and incredibly energetic singer. I absolutely agree with those who called Mark's voice the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury. My goals in mixing this song were to emphasize the vocals, give punch to the drums, accentuate the bass, and make the whole mix juicy and transparent,and groovy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I listened to the original Queen song only after mixing, so as not to adjust the sound to the original. I hope you enjoy the result! I will really wait for your comments,opinions,and constructive advices are as always appreciated! Thank you in advance !:)

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        Aloha Di-Mitrij listen to your Song, and that my taste and ears telling :

        Good kick need in the dens parts a bit more crisp means give her 2khz a litte drive.

        His Vocal is a bit too front take him may 1 dB down and give him same room eff than the backvocals. He is hard a t the limit that the sss zzz is poke the ears at around 3Khz area. The solo guit is a bit to halow sounding give her more body in lows and a bit reverb champer eff. Also for his Vocal you can do same chamber eff a tiny bit.

        Cheers JST


          Hi JST! ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thanks for the good advice - very grateful for that! Regarding the guitars - I absolutely agree - it needs more mass, and somewhere (post factum) - more panorama. Concerning vocals, I listened to the mix for control not only on different audio systems, but also on different headphones, and I find the hissing consonants in order. As for the effects, it would be possible to add reverb / chamber, etc. to the guitar, but I deliberately left the vocals drier, and did not match the sound to the original, where, if I'm not mistaken, other FX are also present, such as chorus ,etc. 1 dB quieter is possible, but there is always a danger of either "drowning" the vocals in the mix, or it will slightly dominate the instrumental. Here I chose the latter ๐Ÿ™‚ Regarding the kick drum - 2kHz - as far as I understand that here we are talking about the click, which will help it cut through even in the most intense instrumental - here I agree. But going back to the original - the kick sounds even softer there, and a lot of automation on the guitars and vocals - it's just brilliant. Regarding the lead guitar in the original, it sounds boldly over all the instrumental. Therefore, regarding the vocals in my mix, I am satisfied with it, although - 1Db would be really good idea,or some ofย  the same automation would not hurt it.

          Thanks a lot for Your opinion! I Really appreciate it!


          Best regards,Di-Mitrij.

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