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    Marc Becker

      Fat Black Pussycat Productions (FBP-Productions)

      FBP-Productions Logo

      Paderborn, Germany

      My name is Marc Becker. Born in 1970 I grew up listening to all this great music of the late 70's, 80's and 90's.
      I found out pretty early that I love any kind of good music but distorted guitars and loud, aggressive drums accompanied by fat bass lines make my heart beat faster. I started my journey with Hard Rock and Metal, New Wave, over Neue Deutsche Welle, till I discovered Artist like Bruce Springsteen and Queen. That was when I sold my soul to Rock.
      At the age of 17 I picked up my first guitar and started to play in Bands and create my own music.
      In the early 1990's I started recording music with a Fostex 4 track tape recorder, just to capture my own ideas.
      Later, around 1997, I switched to a Roland VS 1680 and made my first mixing experience.
      I switched to a DAW rather late in the early 2000's.
      In 2003 I started my non-commercial bedroom / project studio called Fat Black Pussycat Productions.
      Since then I try to be a part time engineer, mixer and producer :-).

      Why Fat Black Pussycat Productions?
      It back in 2003 I was looking for a name for my project studio. A friend of mine liked the Fat Black Pussycat album by Five Horse Johnson at that time and said to me: "Hey Marc, listen. You're all but slim, you always wear black and you love cats, so Fat Black Pussycat Productions seems to be the perfect name for your service".
      I liked the idea; the rest is history 🙂

      Presonus Studio One, Magix Samplitude Pro X3 Suite for legacy projects

      Rock, Punk

      Universal Audio Capitol Chambers, Universal Audio 1176. Waves MV-2, Sonarworks Reference, Plugin Alliance ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB

      Computer: HP 550-259ng, Intel I7, 16GB RAM, 2x 24” displays, 1x 1TB + 1x 2TB SSD. HP Notebook, AMD, 8GB. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
      Interface: RME Fireface 802 + Ferrofish Pulse 16, Audient ID4

      Preamps: 4x RME 802, SPL Track One, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VTRC, Warm Audio Tone Beast TB12, Warm Audio WA73.EQ
      Compressors: 2 x DBX 160 A, DBX 160 XL, Klark Teknik KT-76, Klark Teknik 1176-KT, Klark Teknik KT-2A, SPL Dynamaxx, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VTC
      FX: Yamaha SPX 990, Yamaha REV 100, Roland GP 8
      Other: SPL Charisma, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Magnetismus II
      Monitors: Dynaudio BM6 MKIII
      Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT990, Shure SHR 840, AKG K 240 MKII, Pioneer SE-MJ553BT, Sennheiser HD-650
      Microphones: Audio-Technica Pro 25 AX, Beyerdynamic M 160, Blue Cardinal, Electro Voice CO4, Microtech Gefell M930, MXL 603S, Rode NT4, Shure SM 7B, 2x Shure SM 57, 2x Slate ML2, Sonarworks XREF 20 T.Bone RB 500.
      Electric Guitars: Fender Standard Stratocaster, Fender Vintage 52 Telecaster, Fender Classic Player Jaguar, Fender Modern Player Jaguar (high-strung), Fender Duo Sonic SH, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson Les Paul Junior, Ibanez AXS 32, Ibanez SZ320, Yamaha Pacifica 120S Telecaster
      Acoustic Guitars: Blazer Southern Jumbo, Epiphone DR-100 NT (high-strung)
      E-Bass: Fender Mustang Bass PJ, Höfner Ignition Beatles Bass
      Amps: Marshall 1987X, Marshall JCM 900 DR, Orange TH30, Engl Firerball 60, Black Heart Little Giant
      Cabinet: Grossman SG Silent Recording Box with Eminence Guitar Legend V12 or Celestion G12M-65 Creamback
      Guitar Amp Tools: Tube Amp Doctor Silencer Load Box & Attenuator, Two Notes CAB M

      Gear Wish List: Black Lion Audio Bluey, Heritage Audio Successor, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Raumzeitmaschine, Haar Cabronita


      Picture 1

      Picture 2

      Picture 3

      Picture 4

      Picture 5

      Picture 6

      Picture 7

      Picture 8

      Picture 9

      Picture 10

      Picture 11

      Picture 12

      Picture 13

      Picture 14

      Picture 15

      Picture 16

      Picture 17

      Picture 18

      Picture 19

      Picture 20

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      Mark Beeson

        Love your amp collection. Nice variety of tone.

        Scott Stolz

          Hey Marc,

          I have to ask, how did you get your photos to load into your submission. I've been trying to figure out how to do it for a while.

          Any insight is appreciated



          Marc Becker

            Thank you, Mark

            Marc Becker

              Hey Scott.
              Here's a little description of what I did to add the images to my submission:

              1. Upload the photos to a public Facebook album ( or Instagram or any other public location, maybe on your personal webserver)
              2. Open the image in the web browser (I use Chrome)
              3. Click on the image with the right mouse button
              4. Select Copy image address or Copy Image URL from the menu that comes up
              5. Open the submission in the forum and klick on Edit
              6. Navigate the cursor to where you like to insert the image
              7. Click on IMG at the top menu band to insert
              8. Paste the link you've copied in the text field of the pop up window and klick OK
              9 . Fill in a image description to the text field im the pop up window and klick OK

              The hypertext to insert your image is now created and inserted at the cursor position.
              Repeat the process for every image you'd like to add.
              When you klick the Submit button, the hypertext you've added load the photos into the post.

              I hope this description will help you.


              Scott Stolz

                Hey Marc,

                Thank you so much. That is a very detailed list of instructions. I really appreciated it. I'll try it.


                Marc Becker

                  It was my pleasure, Scott.

                  Adrian Parzentny

                    Hey Marc, I really love all the guitar amps you got, nice studio man, thanks for showing it to the world 😉

                    Marc Becker

                      Hey Adrian. Thank you ever so much!

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