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      Like the guitar work... 'de-greendays' the intro a touch. Drums in pre chorus - really good.

      Vox is a little 'brittle' in the first verse.

      The mix feels very fizzy + bright.

      Production decisions are all cool. Like those left/right vocal FXs in the breakdown

      Yep... cymbals are competing with the vocals in the final choruses...

      Feels a little top end - very bright.

      Other than that - great mix! Like all the choices. Energy is great. Really interesting use of drums and bass to change the 'shape' of the song. I'd dial back the top end a touch*

      *I am still getting used to my new monitor speakers - so I'm 100% on where my frequencies are right now. ...maybe I left them behind the sofa... under some magazines... maybe Enzo stole them and buried them?!

        Arthur Labus

          Thanks for such valuable feedback Andy !
          That "bump" was in original recording on vocal track.
          "Here but a moment, just as [weird stuff is going on here] quickly you were gone"
          I just cut it out ...

          Arthur Labus

            Hi Toby, thanks for feedback - always a highlight 🙂
            It may be that Redd console plugin - it is very "dirty" 😉

            I did some touch ups after your and Andy's feedback.
            Muted HiHat track completely due there was everything but hihats on.
            Tamed the drums in high area a little.
            Removed "ploop" on vocal in intro.

            Updated version above.
            Thanks for updating the playlist(s) !

            Arthur Labus

              Cathing up the mixes ...

              CHRIS: mix2 - pretty perfect as excepted. Like the kick in particular. Sometimes, there is a bit too much hard panned electric guitars for my taste. It makes whole song mostly right leaning when it appears. It seems like you only panned hard 🙂 Yeah, Chris Sweet in "Pan Hard II" 😉 Great work ! I mean your mix ...

              KIP: Whoa, lot of saturation, very rich mix. It is warm and rusty 🙂 Love the density here. Nice panning edits. Well done Kip !

              ANDY: Lot of reverb on vocal but i like it ! Also very dense ambience. Maybe the acoustic guitars are bit too upfront sometimes - i mean that "harder" way to play. Anyway great mix Andy !

              TOM: Sounds great ! Love the edits in "breakdown". Could be mine LOL. Great mix Tom !

              Arthur Labus

                Cathing up the mixes … volume II

                MAURICE: very "nice" Maurice. Similar to Chris mix - that guitar on the right is too hot sometimes. But sounds really good ! Cool using of stereo panorama. Great work Maurice !

                TOBY: Agree with Chris - i see you in oversize laboratory glasses and thick rubber gloves 😉 Vocals editing may be confusing sometimes but so what - this is not nice song ! Great creativity with lot of edits. Huge compliment for tech side - it sounds really good and it was not so self-evident in the past. You are better in your 40's LOL

                Summary: very impressed guys. Once again - it up to us how it sounds. Even with 7 plugins only !


                  Thanks Arthur, I just learned this week how to effectively add reverb to a mix without making it too dense. I will try it on the next mix. Good ear!


                    Thanks Arthur! Really worked hard on the technical side. Yep, I think the confusion on the vox works for the mix 🙂


                      authur always like the way you look at our mixes from another point of view
                      ...i cant explain how much fun i had doing this with you guys
                      it really felt welcoming and a chance to learn and get us out of feedback threads and learning/sharing info

                      Arthur Labus

                        Yeah Kip, i am feeling like a doctor between engineers 😉

                        Too funny: there are SEVEN mixes so far, so we are matching the thread title "Magnificent 7" ...

                        Coincidence ? Think not 🙂


                          Hey Chaps

                          not ben too active on here of late - bloody real life !!

                          Anyway I had a real quick go at this.

                          I think I maybe slammed it a bit...

                          Plugins are all stock from Ableton and I only used 4 (is that cheating;-) ?) plus an L1




                          Arthur Labus

                            So it is "Super 8" now ! 😉

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