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      Warren will be doing an Academy Q&A on 5/18/16 at 9:30 am PDT (Click here for local time)

      When we are live, he Q&A will be available on Google Hangouts here

      You can pre-submit your questions below

      Mark Warner

        Hi Warren,

        Would you ever consider making a "fly on the wall" video? I would really love to see what a "typical day in Spitfire studios" is like or "typical day for Warren Huart" is like. Call it mild curiosity if you like but I would love to see what is on the other side of the windows. What does Laurel Canyon look like? What does Spitfire studio look like in this setting? What is it like for an artist arriving and spending a day there?

        It maybe that such a video is too much of an intrusion into yours and an artists time which of course is understandable but there must be life outside the control room 🙂

        All the best - Mark

        Magnus Johansson

          Have you as a producer ever used uncredited ghost musicians?
          I have a feeling that it isn't that common (if ever) nowadays. Again, my guess is that if the situation shows today, the assistant has some late hours with Melodyne before him.

          Steve A

            How do you think you developed a 'producers ear'? Or maybe what would be called the ear of the music-buying public.

            More importantly, how did you convince others to trust that you possessed it? IE; To have an artist trust that you 'directing' them would result in a more popular/better song?

            (Pretty big/broad questions I know. Give it your best shot if you will.)



              Hi Warren

              What's the best way to manage a session where there is more than one song to mix, when you've spent a lot of time on EQ, dynamics etc whilst mixing the first song, you obviously want to keep those settings, plugin's etc for the subsequent songs and not have to start from scratch on every song (assuming the same instrumentation). So, how do I best achieve that when just using a DAW?

              I ask the question because I'm used to using consoles and multitrack tape, once the console was set it was just a matter of moving through the songs on the tape, with minor adjustments on the console as you progressed.

              Should there be a way of saving sessions on the DAW complete with plug in's but excluding audio, a template maybe? (I use Studio One)

              Thanks Sara.

              Loren Knight

                So while I wasn't doing music production I was doing some art illustration work last week and I spent many large chunks of hours at the computer. Oh man was back was KILLING ME! (Fortuately my wife took pity on me and rubbed my shoulders a bit. Never get enough of that!)
                So what do you do to keep yourself in shape. You have mentioned regular 15 hour days. Now I realize that's not digging ditches but still, are you doing yoga to keep your back in shape after sitting in the studio for those late night sessions?



                  I'm envious of your guitar musicianship. What steps did you take/school you went to get as good as you are now? What is your daily practice routine and how did it change overtime?

                  Thank you,


                  Jeff Macdonald

                    Hi Warren,

                    I am in the middle of planning the construction of a studio on the same property as my home with the hope of making it into my income stream. However, with the close proximity to home I feel it would be too easy to have "5 more minutes" in the studio become 3-4 hours only to come home to an angry wife. When you are working out of Spitfire studios how do you balance work/home life since the studio is part of your home? Any insight you can provide on this would be much appreciated.




                      Is there any album / track in history you wish you had mixed / produced?

                      Either :

                      a) because you just love it!

                      b) because you feel they went the wrong way on it. ...and if so, where would you take it?

                      Marcus Mittil

                        Posted this as a question under the last Mix breakdown, but would be great to hear this in the q&a:
                        How do you approach consistency between songs when mixing a whole album? Do you use templates? Mix all songs in same session? Reference listen?

                        Rich Zei

                          When working on mixing a song for an artist when you feel you are getting "on a roll" and your creative juices begin to flow and the track jsut comes together really quickly, how do you channel it to remain focused on the mix at hand? As opposed to going down the proverbial rabbit hole and doing 5-10 "alt mixes" and burning an additional 5-6 hours. Those hours that may not yield any revenue or mixes that will see the light of day?

                          On the other side of that coin, how do you motivate when you are just not... 'feeling it' or feeling like mixing on a given day due to fatigue/illness/family issues etc.


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                          Nathan Kaye

                            Got excited, then realised that that is 2:30am Thursday morning in Aus. Ouch! hehe Will it be available to listen/view later on?

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