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    Mary Nance

      Hey Everyone!

      So just thought I would try a fun collaboration if anyone is up for it 🙂 I wrote this earlier today using some loops and am wanting to get more into songwriting and scripting a story with music better. There is a lot of room for a lead line and anything can be changed if desired. I've dropboxed the multitracks and made a reference track as well.

      Thanks for checking it out and looking forward to working on some other collaborations as well!

      ~ Mary



        Hi Mary.

        There is a nice layback something there. It reminds me of Ultravox, and also an Aussie band called Icehouse. (80's stuff)

        So, what is your "vision" for the song?

        I've downloaded the tracks. What sort of style/ideas do you have in mind?

        [EDIT] I thought I was downloading the tracks, but had a download fail at the end. Do you still have the tracks?

        Cheers, Steve.

        Mary Nance

          Hi Steve,

          Thanks for the reply, the multi tracks are still in the dropbox folder. However now listening back to them after all the homework mixing I have done this past couple of months and they now seem so unpolished lol. We posted them only a couple months after joining PLAP and I feel maybe we can work on some new collaborations. In January we will be posting some live band recordings and stuff now that we have our equipment to do it properly. 🙂 Hopefully, we can work on something in the future as well.

          ~ Mary and Sam
          A CommonTime Production

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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