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    Keith Fels

      I have a small home studio in Southwest Las Vegas, Nevada called Fake Dad Recording Studio. It's a little over a year old and has been used mostly for projects with a few local bands and musicians as well as my own projects. I have been in the industry since the early 90's doing a lot of live shows with some recording on everything from 4 track reel to reel and ADATs up to digital. I am usually writing, producing, engineering and/or mixing rock/indie rock.

      I was using Pro Tools but recently switched to Studio One 4 and find it much more useful for writing. I have the UAD Apollo x6, Apollo Twin and a Satellite and usually use UAD plugins. The reverbs like the Capitol One Chambers, Ocean Ways Studios and the Lexicon 480L are stunning. I am also a huge fan of Melodyne.

      Other than the Apollo x6 and Twin I have a Scarlett 18i20 that is mostly used for the drum mics. On the control desk I also have a UAD OX Amp Top Box and the Persons Faderport. For monitors I use Kali LP6 and Mackie MS524 as an second opinion. I still believe in gear so I have a Vox AC30 head with a 2x12 cab, a Fender Supersonic combo and my friend's Orange Crush Pro 120 with a 2x12. The heads and combo live in the control room and can either run through the OX or to the live room for the cabs or both.

      I still own my first electric guitar, Jimmy, a older Jimmy Vaughn Strat. Along with it I have a semi hollow body Gretsch, a single cut solid Gretsch, an American Performer Tele with a hum neck, a Taylor 214ce acoustic, an Ibanez TMB100 bass and a Fender Dimension IV bass. For keys I have the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49. I had a Roland SPD-30 with added pedals and pads but I have sold it to be replaced by a V-Drum kit when circumstances restabilize.

      My mics include a Townsend Labs Sphere L22 modeling LDC, a Roswell Mini K47, Senheiser E609, a matched pair of Rode M5, a Shure Beta 52a and a pile of SM57, one with the transformer pulled.

      Three little tricks I've learned for keeping people happy in the studio are:
      1. I have a remote for my thermostat to make sure the fan doesn't come on and ruin a take.
      2. I have a humidifier to keep my Taylor from drying out and frequently have guest guitars hanging around to get rehumidified.
      3. I have an iPhone power cable behind the control room couch cause artists always have dead phones for no reason.

      The gear I'm currently looking at is a basic Roland V-Drums set, a Royer R-10, a patch bay and an Apollo x8p. I am also always looking for another guitar, preferably a P90s maybe an SG, oh and a Rat distortion but I can't decide which one.









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