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    Chris Sweet

      So I've been begrudging the fact that logic doesn't have a useful clip gain feature like pro tools. Then it occurred to me that it does have a gain plugin that can be inserted first in line and then automated to control the level going to the subsequent plugins. Duuhhhhh. Can't believe this just occurred to me.

      Guido tum Suden

        Or use bx_cleansweep and clean up your tracks at the same time.


          I was ally struggling with the same problem a while back, but then I discovered the gain function in the region section. I know it's not as user-friendly as Protool's clip gain, but I've been accustomed to it and it really works for me now. To each his own 🙂


            Inserting a gain plugin and automating that seems like a really hard way to get around it to me, why not use marquee tool on clip, adjust clip gain using the "gain" in inspector window then just join regions back together again? this way you get visual feedback.

            Steve Plummer

              I also recently found the region gain setting, it works a treat. You can then tweak using automation if needs be.

              face (chris) Janton

                In the latest version (10.4.1) you should check out "Normalize Region Gain" - select a bunch of regions, normalize the gain, sets the Gain for the region (non-destructive) according to your desires. I start all of my mixes these days with a simple normalize of all regions to -24 LUFS - super handy.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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