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    Arthur Labus

      Here we go again .... or should i say we ruun again ?!
      Welcome to the 1st of July and a new mix challenge.

      The song - "Run To You", Bryan Adams cover by Katie Ferrara:

      The challenge: use only the FREE Toneboosters TrackEssentials and BusTools (v3) legacy plugins.
      Get the plugin installer (VST and AU / 64 bit) here: (need to scroll down the page) Legacy (v3) plug-in installer (64 bits)

      Those are 23 plugins in total with everything you need to mix and master. They are just great, license key is inklusive so you can use them everytime.
      Plugins are easy to use and there are presets too if you need some hints 😉

      Lets do that great classic song in uplugged manner and i really hope some of us can save some bucks after learning the Toneboosters plugins.

      Hit it !

      Chris Ibbetson


        Paul Motion

          Marvellous!! Nice one Arthur 🙂

          Patrik Larsson

            Great Arthur!

            Paul Motion

              Since this is the ML1, are we using the mic VM plugin? Also, what's the best wrapper to use for Pro Tools on a mac to run VSTs?

              DDMF Metaplugin
              Blue cat Patchwork
              Native Instruments Machine
              Fxpansion VST Wrapper
              Vienna Vep5

              Something else?

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              Mark Lowrie

                Cheers Arthur!  I'll use Logic for this one - have been on Tools for a few years now but a forced Logic refresher won't hurt either!  🙂

                Peter Samuelsson

                  Hey Arthur
                  I will have some time now so count me in!

                  Patrik Larsson
                    Paul Motion

                      This is a great start Patrik! Love the vocal reverb and generally the vocal sound. I’d maybe bring the dry signal a little more forward so it’s not quite so wet but not too much.
                      Drums sound great! I think when he goes to the snare rather than the side stick you could try for a little more body as it's a bit too much bottom snare for me. I’m losing the kick occasionally… might just be too much room generally but there’s only a couple of mics on the kit? Same on the toms.
                      I think the bass and guitars could possibly have a bit of low mid pulled out as the mix gets a bit “woolly” when everything’s in. Just needs a little more definition.

                      Love it! Good work man.

                      Patrik Larsson

                        Thanks ever so much Paul.

                        I do agree with the reverb is A touch to much so next time I'm at my studio and can mix it through my monitors I going to adress that.

                        So far I only mix it with headphones, so I will also work on automation to when I'm there too.


                        Mark Lowrie

                          Great challenge!  Having to use a bunch of unfamiliar plugins - and, for me, a half-forgotten DAW! - really forces you to think about other ways to achieve the things you want to do.  Not 100% happy but here's my shot for this month:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xz7wno4LRD4vbbRAM44KQMpYGUP_gdl1/view?usp=sharing

                          Mervyn Walker

                            Hi All,just found this post at the end of last month,so I thought I would join in this month.just using the TB bundle was quite restrictive for me,but also quite enjoyable to see what could be accomplished.This is to me a finished first mix,although I am on the fence about the string squeaks,that may be something to change,but anyway thanks for the challenge and comments welcome  .Thanks Mervyn


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