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    Tony Harp

      Hey everyone,

      I've got a set of Mackie HR824s for my studio Monitoring. Recently I've noticed what sounds like static in one of them. Sometimes its very low level and then stops. Sometimes its loud and then stops (like today). Sometimes it never happens at all. Power is routed through an Uninterruptible Power supply. This happens regardless if the rest of my studio is powered up. This also happens when the speaker is plugged into other outlets around my house as well as studio. BAsically, it sounds like there is a static build up that eventually dissapates (usually).

      My first plan of attack is to replace the wall outlet with a GFCI protector. I was informed this could help. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


      Guido tum Suden

        Hi Tony,

        Sorry, I do not completely understand you (probably my English). Could you explain what a static sound is?
        If I understood correctly it doesn't matter where in the house you plugin the speaker and there also nothing attached to the speaker, it makes the sound of its own?


        Maurice Beekman

          Hi Tony,

          If only one of two has the problem, i guess it's not in your power outlets.
          I have had a simular problem with an amplifier some time ago. Also a static noise (sometimes disapearing). In my case it turned out the transformer in combination with a capacitor caused the problem. I believe the Mackie is an active monitor so perhaps it something like that. But it also can be dirt in the switches on the back (EQ, Volume, Etc.).Just by switching them a few times (or turn volume up and down) can reduce/solve the problem.

          Hope that helps.


          Tony Harp


            Thanks for the answers! Yes, my Mackies are active.
            The static sound was like static between stations on an analog radio but at a slower rate. Not sure if thats a better explanation. :/
            I ended up getting a new UPS and that fixed the issue right off.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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