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    David Case

      Hey all, I mix/record in a single small room, so for vocals/acoustic guitar, I want to get some of the isolation headphones. I know Warren uses the Extreme Isolation EX-29, but I just saw that Beyer Dynamic has a set - DT770-M-80 - and Telefunken has a few (which actually look like rebranded Extreme Isolation).

      Are the EI the top of the heap in terms of audio quality and reduction?

      Jon Burns

        I use Beyer Dynamic DT150 for tracking and they've given me 10 years of service so far!
        (Albeit with a little bit of amalgamating tape around the ear foam 😉 )
        There weren't so many options then & my method was "what are the cans I've seen in all
        the BBC radio videos?"!
        They seem pretty flat and clear to me. I've used DT770's & closed back AKGs & Sonys
        which were all good - they all did the job just fine.
        I prefer open-back for reference & mixing - I use AKG Q701 for that & I've not had
        to revisit a mix with them. Be careful to have the bass audible but not huge if
        mixing in headphones - that'll translate to ENORMOUS bass on speakers! 🙂


          Here's an off the wall..

          I do a lot of pre - pro / early mixing going to and from work on the train and I use Philips Fidelio M1's. They seem to translate back to the studio really well.

          Cheap !



          Rich Zei

            Interesting @thedove I need something other than my K240's. I think for the price point those may fit the bill nicely.

            Jeff Macdonald

              I like the Beyer 770-Ms quite a bit. I picked up a pair a couple weeks ago and they are super for attenuating unwanted noise - but they fit really tight, which makes them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. I use them when I am tracking drums to keep the drum bleed down in the monitor mix and they work very well for that. My all time favourite phones are ATH-M50's and I would say the Beyers are comparable sound wise (a little darker but everything is still quite audible), but blow the AT's out of the water for isolation. I have not tried the EI or Telefunkens, but have used many other 'studio grade' headphones and the beyers are up among the best. I would say they should not disappoint.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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