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    Ingo Räuber

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      Hey! My studio consists mostly of a big suitcase with some (mostly) old gear in. The suitcase is now located in Gothenburg, Sweden. These days i record (only myself until now) in a small small room just in front of a even smaller storeroom.
      I work as a teacher. Startet recording as a kid with two cassette players, one would play back and the other record an additional stereo track. You could do this three or four times til the noise would get louder than the actual tracks.
      I record with an older cubase version (5);
      I like the sound of tube mics from the 50s, 60s, so i record with a Thiele M4 and one RFT bottle mic plus Gefell M7 capsule;
      The M4 is going into a Siemens V72, the RFT directly into my SPL crimson Interface.
      I use only a few plugins, Abbey road chamber and plate, and the fairchild-emulation.
      As you can tell, i like the old sound. My songs are mostly 60s inspired indie-like (pop?)songs, mostly played on my old Ibanez acoustic guitar.

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