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    Ray Oubre

      Anyone using the the Iloud MTM monitors? Any thoughts? I was thinking about getting a second pair for another reference. I currently use the JBL 308. My rooms probably the worst shape 18 x 18 my desk and listening position almost center or a little closer to the back wall. I am learning the room and getting a good feel for it though. We use it for recording and band practice so its set up for that multipurpose.

      face (chris) Janton

        Haven't used the iLoud speakers. If you are looking for a smaller pair for a different sound you might want to try the JBL Series 1 104 monitors. Currently only $72 US for the pair. Built to sit on a desktop.

        I traded out my M-Audio AV40s for the JBL 1 (holiday present) and am thoroughly impressed. They sit on top of my JBL LSR 305s. Haven't turned on the 305s since I got them.

        My monitoring is good, for my ears. LSR305 near fields at the desk, Series 1 at the desk for different perspective, JBL Arena 180s in the living room. I may be causing myself some grief using similar drivers (5 and 7 + waveguide) and concentric 4+1 for the Series 1.

        There's enough low end on the Series 1 to actually do a mix and get a decent (for me) and similar mix.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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