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    Storm Reckseidler

      Hi everyone. I am not sure if this is in the right forum. Mods move it if needed.

      I am in an original band 'reijo' as well as the various tribute shows. But I thought there might be some people who want to mix and/or learn to mix and getting content is hard. Anyway, I've got a ton of content from our various recording sessions that I would make available directly to anyone interested. I don't want to post a public link to content but I will send content to anyone who reaches out.

      If you want content to mix, friend me, message me, whatever, and I'll get my email to those interested and we can chat. Some content is good and clean and others are from sessions where the engineering was students or people learning as well, so it is what it is. lol It's an offer anyway even if no one needs content I wanted to offer.

      Oh it is Rock music...alternative...Brit Rock....esque..... here's some of our content on spotify. All Three & The KGB is my favourite.


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