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    Chris Sweet

      Instant sub-bussing for group processing. Love it. Stereo guitars, BGVs, vocal stacks. What a time saver. Who else is using them religiously?

      Guido tum Suden

        In my Template I do have: DRUMS, PERCS, BASS, A-GIT, E-GIT, KEYS, BGV, VOC, EFX, VFX
        Upper Case for another way to distinguish them from channels.
        Git is German abbr for Guitar (Gitarre).
        VFX are Vocal Effects because I do use Warren's vocal tricks, but rather with Sends instead of copied tracks.

        I would like to stack the stacks, though.
        For Example have a Drum Stack from Kick, Snare and Toms and another one from all the Cymbal and Overhead stuff. That way I could Parallel Compress them differently.
        Setting busses like that is no problem but unfortunately you can't put a stack into a stack.



          Yep, love it! So easy! I have to be thoroughly organised when I am working. OCD or attention to detail? 😉


          Chris Sweet

            Haha both? Yeah man me too. First thing I do after listening to the tracks is start stacking things like stereo pairs, drums and vocal groups. Helps me get mixing faster. Now that I'm using VCAs as well my workflow is super efficient. Really liking the enhancements in Logic X.

            Michael Hordorwich

              Looking around the old posts saw this and I also use Logic Pro x and the enhancements are great. I love pro tools as well and also use studio one on rare occasion if a client wants it or uses it but mainly I write in Logic Pro x and the edit in pro tools most of the time. I can use either one from start to finish but love having both options. I have tried most of the daws and I think I've picked the 2 best to work with imo. Happy mixing! Oh and I just started using vca's and wow what a difference for my workflow and less heavy on my CPU as I use lots of aux busses now vca's. Still use the aux on some stuff if need to automate though as you can't on he vca but I don't that much anyways! Ok I'm done lol Best of luck to you! Sincerely, michael

              face (chris) Janton

                I use track stacks all the time - Summing stacks for my buses.

                You can nest Summing stacks inside Folder stacks. Select your kick, snare, toms, OH, percussion, etc. Put it all in a folder stack. Now in the folder select kick, snare, and tom. Create a summing stack. Select OH, percussion, etc. Create another summing stack. That could help collect a bunch of tracks for you

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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