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    Patrick Jeitz

      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently working on a song i wrote where the main rythm comes from the power chord guitars.
      When I "draft" recorded it I had guitars and drums without the bass line. I could feel the result I wanted at that stage.
      Then I recorded the bass and finished up the song. Headed over to the mixing process.

      As usualy I started cleaning some of the muddy frequencies on the guitar but this I realized removed the feeling of these "pumping" guitars.
      I didn't manage to get this right bringing and blending in the bass and make them work together with the kick drum.

      In the example below, I tried side-chaining a slightly "moved ahead" track of the kick drum to trigger bass and guitar compression with a fast attack and release setting.
      Hoping to emphasize the rythm... getting more pumping.

      Hope I could express the problem I have in an understandable way.

      Here"s the link to the song. Any additional feedback on the mix is welcome as well.
      Link to the song

      Thank you very much!

      Jerry Hammack

        Try sidechaining the snare instead, or kick on one, snare on another to help them differentiate. Already sounding good though!

        Patrick Jeitz

          Thanks a lot Jeremy.

          Will have a try. I've put it away for some time now. But will start working on it again.
          I'll post the results 🙂


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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