Academy Dashboard Forum Studio Gear Talk How many headphone mixes do you give your recording victims?

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    Steve Hoggart

      I have been doing more bass sessions recently and have been shocked at the limited mixes in some studios.

      1 mix for everyone, everyone had the same mono mix with click.

      I just grinned and smiled! I did ask but was assured it's okay for everyone. Twas hard work though.

      Guido tum Suden

        I only have a home studio and one person recording at a time, but there is a stereo mix on the headphone and the musician has a mix fader that goes from playback only on one side to instrument/voice only on the other.

        I never put a click on a mix. If there are quiet passages I'd rather record or copy a piano/guitar/drums or similar part to that passage so there's something musical that helps keeping the tempo (and maybe the pitch as well).

        Warren Huart

          I find that 99.99% I'm feeding a stereo mix to the artist and then bringing up or down a certain instrument at their request! If I'm live tracking in somewhere like Sunset Sound then every musician has their own set of controls. Typically that's kick, snare, stereo drums, bass. guitar, keys and lead vocal. Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

          Walker Koldplay

            Two years ago I was tracking, producing, and drumming for a young band who kept complaining about headphones and the mix. It may be overkill, but I bought a used Aviom system from a church and am quite happy. If you do not mind older tech, like the A-16II's, you can find bargains on eBay. For me, I know I wanted to be able to track a whole live band, while multi-tasking as a musician. It's one less thing I have to run.

            Best of luck!

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