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    Joerg Stagge

    Reddick - Quarantined Summer - Mix by JST-Studios

    here are my Mix, filled with some schnizzels:=) who listen and find them ? :=)



    Comments as always welcome

    JST -Joerg-

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    Magnus Emilsson

    Hey Joerg!

    Nice work! Nothing major to remark upon, I enjoyed the listen. A small thins is at 2:25, there's a word that sticks out in a weird way.


    Joerg Stagge

    aloha Magnus thx,,

    will look for finetune it.

    Regards Joerg

    Erik Duijs

    Hey Joerg,

    First off, thanks for your valuable feedback on my version. So of course I should return the favor 🙂

    This is a really solid mix. The added "knock-knocks" are brilliant 🙂

    One thing I think I notice is that the bass sounds very wide, which to me sounds a bit disconcerting on headphones. It's the original sound of course, but I found that collapsing the low end of this bass sound to mono really helps making the low end more solid and punchy. I could be wrong of course 🙂

    The thing that Magnus remarked also kind of stood out to me.

    But I suppose they are just minor things in an otherwise really solid mix and a fun listen! The vocals sound really good, and good job on taming the esses there 🙂



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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