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      To celebrate the birthday of the always doing marvelously well Warren Huart, a group of Academy members got together to cover versions of the US and UK #1s on the week of Warren's birth*. Marvin Gaye's 'Heard it on the Grapevine' (US) and Fleetwood Mac's 'Albatross' (UK).

      The Academy members who worked on each track are listed in the descriptions of each track.

      Though the original idea was mine, this has very much been a team effort. I'd like to thank Arthur for creating various drum tracks for both songs and John for checking the Songsterr Tab versions of the tracks.


      *Reminiscent of her majesty the Queen, who has two birthdays, Warren has two birth dates; a wiki birth date and a google birth date. We are celebrating his google birth date. Not least, because it makes him two years younger (no bad thing at our age). But mainly because, the songs were cooler. Clint refused to cover The Monkees 😉

      Track Credits

      01. Clint McLain 'Heard it Through the Grapevine'

      02. Jeff Hollowell 'Albatross'

      03. EX Cess 'Heard it Through the Grapevine feat. Sam & Ajay'

      Xavier (aka eX Cess) : arrangements, bass, guitars, production, mix, « mastering »
      Andrew Hazzard (aka Ajay) : drums, percussions, drum production
      Sam Pannetier : Lead and background vocals, vocal recording
      04. Labus 'Albatross'

      Arthur Labus - sound design, drum programming, mixing
      Fabio Minuzzi - mastering
      Tobi + Arthur - 'Vocals*'

      *The term 'vocals' is used in the widest possible definition of the word.
      05. Raccoonjuggler 'I Heard it through the Grapevine feat. Hollowell & Hazzard'

      Jeff Hollowell - Guitars
      Andrew Hazzard - Drums
      Mike 'Racoonjuggler' Waldron - Production/Mixing/Editing/Programming/Vox/Schnizzle
      06. Tobisonics 'Close Encounters of a Grapevine (Red Planet Edition)

      Just had time to sneak this one in. Finished the arrangement on Sunday morning. Quickie mixed w/ BX SSL on every channel in a few hours. I CLA-ed the sucka! Through Fabfilter Pro-L2 for quickie/fake master*.

      *Should have pushed an extra 2dB w/ the Pro-L2, but nooooo! I went for dynamics instead.
      07. Tim Ellifritz w/ Vinne Leddick (Vocals) 'Enter Grapevine feat. Michelle Howland + Tyler Peter'

      Tim Ellifritz - Arrangement, Tracking, Guitars, Backing Vocals
      Vinnie Leddick - Lead and Backing Vocals
      Michelle Howland - Bass
      Tyler Peter - Drums

      Arthur Labus - Idea, mixing ITB, mastering (w/ Fab Minuzzi)
      E.D. Duro - mixing hybrid
      08. Labus 'Alabatross feat. Xavier'

      Arthur Labus - sound design, drum programming, mixing
      Xavier Duthilleul - solo guitar
      Fabio Minuzzi - mastering
      09. Ajay 'Ajay's Rasta Grapevine'

      10. Bernd Holder 'Grapevine (We Came Here for Your Birthday)'

      Anita Potter: Tambourine
      Mike Waldron: Backing Vocals
      Andrew Hazzard: Backing Vocals
      Tobi: Backing Vocals, Extra Schniggles (James Brown ad-libs)
      Arthur Labus: Backing Vocals, Claps, Shaker, Cowbell, Artwork Background

      Bernd Holder: Lyrics (at least those that differ from the original lyrics), Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Drum Programming, Arrangement, Mixing

      Jonas Mikkelsen

        Hi PLAPA buddies,

        I must say it is a fantastic thought and great gift for our hero Warren Huart.
        And I must congratulate your all for making such a well produced record. Wish I had been a part of it.
        You are an inspiration!!!

        And happy birthday Warren:-)

        Best regards

        Mark Holden

          Fantastic 🙂

          Great work guys not yet seen the feedback friday was on late shift this week, but I'm guessing these are the songs that I seen in the list awaiting feedback. I'll have to check it out today.

          Marvellous Work



            This was an absolutely great idea!
            Happy B Day again, Warren!

            Travis Rogers


              Happy birthdays Warren!

              Warren Huart

                You’re a gentleman Jonas! Thanks ever so much for your kind words! I was completely blown away with the work that everyone did! Truly amazing!!

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