Academy Dashboard Forum 2021 - Productions 2021 - Jun Gracie - Steve Maggiora - mix by John Sammers

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    John Sammers

      Hi all - I've taken down this mix while I work on it a bit more...

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      Lem Meador

        Hey, John. Tried to take a listen, but cannot access the link. I'm not sure I'm the best person to give you feedback on this mix anyway. I don't have much/any(?) experience with doing single mics on drums. Hopefully some other folks will jump in here and take a listen for you. I admire your willingness to explore options. I continue to follow Jacob Collier because his unbounded enthusiasm for exploring creativity is so inspiring. I'm delighted to see that you are way ahead of me, exploring your creativity already. Keep it up!

        John Sammers

          Hi Lem - I listened again on a different medium and it definitely needed a fresh look. Thanks for taking the time to have a listen.

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