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    Woody (Tiny Music)

      Any and all feedback will be appreciated and acted upon as its to be submitted for an AU Song of the Year comp closing in a couple of weeks!!

      Cutting it fine for time...


      *NB. mix is unmastered as of yet, but with a townhouse over the MC to cut off peaks and give a little glue.

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      Gavin Thompson

        Hello Woody,

        This is great.  There is not much room to improve it.

        • My first thought was it was bright but not overly
        • It could use a little more panning, now that we are in the era of ear buds
        • There is a click sound on the outro, not sure if it was intended.  Right channel

        I hope these help.  Good luck. It is a nice arrangement.




        Woody (Tiny Music)

          Thanks Gavin, gonna touch up some panning this morning.

          Ill have a look for that RC click as well!

          Jerry Wawak

            Dude, that rocks.  Reminds me of a Voluntary Butler Scheme song.

            Woody (Tiny Music)

              Had another crack at it, couldnt find that clicking though, must have been an error/clip in the OG bounce



              Ryan Sambrook

                Dig the tune a lot. Production and mix fit the vibe. Feels like dressed down 2000's alt rock which I always liked a lot. In the nitpicking dept: the "clicks" on the outro are at 4:47, 4:49, 4:51 and 4:55. I don't think it's a technical glitch as much as it sounds like a quick attack and sharp release of an element that's panned right. Not really dealbreaker but it does interrupt the hypnotic flow slightly. Also, nitpicking again, my preference is to hear the toms with a little more resonant tone and not so much cardboard-y. Probably look around 300-350Hz and pull that with a moderate Q and then pull them up to make up the volume difference. Maybe some lo-shelf around 100 on each but I like the sound of everything meshing together as is. Great guitars man. Cool lyrics and great backing vocals. Great job. Cheers.

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