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    Woody (Paul)

    Any and all feedback will be appreciated and acted upon as its to be submitted for an AU Song of the Year comp closing in a couple of weeks!!

    Cutting it fine for time...


    *NB. mix is unmastered as of yet, but with a townhouse over the MC to cut off peaks and give a little glue.

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    Gavin Thompson

    Hello Woody,

    This is great.  There is not much room to improve it.

    • My first thought was it was bright but not overly
    • It could use a little more panning, now that we are in the era of ear buds
    • There is a click sound on the outro, not sure if it was intended.  Right channel

    I hope these help.  Good luck. It is a nice arrangement.




    Woody (Paul)

    Thanks Gavin, gonna touch up some panning this morning.

    Ill have a look for that RC click as well!

    Jerry Wawak

    Dude, that rocks.  Reminds me of a Voluntary Butler Scheme song.

    Woody (Paul)

    Had another crack at it, couldnt find that clicking though, must have been an error/clip in the OG bounce


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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