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      Hello everyone.

      I need your help because I have been battling for months with resonance problems and I still can not get away with being 100% satisfied. I feel stuck and it depresses me a bit because I don't understand what I'm doing wrong or what I didn't understand yet.

      I will try to make short ... but as I feel lost, I will describe as much as possible so that you can see what I could possibly do wrong.
      So thanks to those who will take the time to read.

      My problem is that I can't get rid of resonances without killing the tone of an instrument.

      I'm going to take the current project I'm working on as an example :

      I recorded 2 saturated electric guitars for a metal/indus track, with the following chain :
      > Guitar (Schecter Hellraiser 7 Strings)
      > Focusrite Scarlet2i4 (instrument input mod)
      > Ableton Live (48kHz@24bits)
      > Waves PRS Archon (amp sim in mono, different configurations and cab for each track)
      > FabFilter Pro Q2 (12dB/oct HPF @ 80Hz)
      > Waves CLA 2A (comp just 1 or 2 dB )
      > Guitars pan 100% R and L

      I put a 25 sec export in attachment for you to ear where I am at this point.

      I always try not to mix "with my eyes" but here is a screenshot of the EQ to show there's no crazy peaks in the spectrum.


      And that's where my problems begins...

      What I usually do from this point on:
      In context with all tracks ON, I sweept a narrow EQ point to find problem areas.
      In this exemple, the one that bothers me the most is at 234Hz.
      To be satisfied, I cut it off -12dB with a Q @ 40.
      I repeat the operation with new points and I find others that I cut less this time
      (for this example, 117Hz, 125Hz, 584Hz, 705Hz,... I cut around -5dB with same Q)

      And this is where I fall into an infinite loop because the more I find, the more I cut, the more I find new ones after, etc.

      And as you may have guessed, I finished with 24 EQ points and the tone of my instrument is completely destroyed, lifeless, hollow.

      I tried other methods, such as dynamic EQ or "Soothe" plugin from Oeksound (whose main goal is exactly what I'm looking for: a dynamic resonance suppressor)

      But whatever I do or use, I'm never satisfied with the results.

      So here I am.
      I need your help to know what I'm doing wrong in this process.
      Is there a basic notion that I did not understand ?
      How do you proceed when you have the same problem ?

      Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to read all this.
      I cannot wait to read your opinions / advices.

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      Guido tum Suden

        Hi Alexandre,

        I have to admit, I do not really understand what the problem is.
        What do you mean by resonances. For me it would be the sound of wood on a stringed instrument or the ring of a snare.
        I cannot hear anything unusual in your sample (but that doesn't have to mean anything).
        Did you listen to it with headphones? Or one channel only?


          Hi Guido,

          Sorry, English is not my mother tongue and maybe I didn't use the accurate term.
          "Ringing frequencies" maybe ?
          You known, that frequency or note that give more energy and pop out from the others ? (take 234Hz in my sample for example. It's the most obvious.)

          And yeah, I think it's the same principle that applies also to wood on a stringed instrument or the ring of a snare as you said.

          To answer your question, I listened with headphones, speakers and earbuds, in stereo, mono, each track independently of the others or all at the same time. It's the same problem in all configurations...

          Erik Duijs

            Hi Alexandre,

            Personally (and I'm just learning here like the rest of us), I'm usually not too bothered about such resonances as they can (and often are) what gives the instrument it's character. Sometimes I even boost those 'problem' areas to make the track pop a bit more in the mix, emphasizing the personality of the sound.
            Of course, sometimes such resonances are annoying in the mix, in which case I either EQ them a bit or use a de-esser to do it dynamically if needed. Wrt a ringing snare, I once even retuned (pitch-shifted) the snare track to make it in tune with the track, fixing the problem without just EQ-ing it away.

            Perhaps you're a bit overthinking it and/or solo-ing tracks too much? Remember it doesn't really matter how a tracks sounds in solo because nobody will hear that.

            Personally I didn't hear a very obvious problem in your attached sample. Maybe it's a bit heavy on the low-end, potentially needing some high-passing to help with the bass. Potentially I'd boost a bit of mid-highs. But as always, listen to it in context with the song your mixing.

            Just my 2cts.


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