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    Mark Evertz

      Hi All, I'm completely new to PLAP and curious about the community activities here. To get me started I'm posting my latest pre-release I uploaded to


      A bit about me: I am not a pro, hence I am NPLAP (hope this will change :-)). I studied jazz guitar 25 years back, but make music as a hobby these days. In the recent years I became more and more interested in the topic of mixing to releasing my own stuff. What I have learnt so far I got mainly from browsing YouTube. I hope to get some tips/advice to improve with more efficiently evt. with structure if needed. Would be awesome to get some feedback.



      Lem Meador

        Hey, Mark. First of all: WELCOME to PLAP! And, thanks for the intro. Great to meet you.

        I like this track. I really enjoy prog, being a young man in the 70's and all. It hangs together pretty well. Lots of things that I like about it: the interplay of the instruments. The rhythm, which is a little hard to put a finger on, and yet I found myself gently rocking to the beat - always a good sign. The bass is nice. It has quite a bit of nose, which is good for prog, in my ear anyway. The guitar work is great. I like where the lead sits. That's nicely chosen and placed. The heavier stuff on the outsides adds nice changes - new things to hear, etc. I think if this were to land on my desk, I would first spend some time on the drums. I would expect them to be a little more present in the mix. I don't know if that is volume, weight, position, all of the above or something entirely different. They just feel like they need a little bit of something to make them as strong as the guitars and the bass. I'm also not sure about the hats(?) off to the left edge. In Soundcloud, that cymbal set, whatever it is, sounds pretty trashy. I'm not sure if that's just the SoundCloud algorithm doing what it does with its downconversion, or if that's the way it really is in the track. I'd give that a once over, too, to see if I could give that a little better presence, without letting it take over.

        Based on your stated goals above, I would say that you are WELL on your way to reaching that goal. Stay on it!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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