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    James Gorman

      I was being a little tongue in cheek
      (though, really, I've made a lot of
      decisions today, someone
      make this one for me).

      I think a restrictive challenge like this
      has two positives:1) forcing you to really
      get to know the limits of (part of) your tool
      chain, and 2) forcing you to get creative to
      get around the limitations. I'm already
      thinking of ways to make up for missing

      That's said, I skipped the last challenge
      because I had a very specific idea I wanted
      to follow through with and the challenge
      would have hindered me in that.

      Still, I think there is something in your
      comment. It is harder to do as group thing,
      but perhaps a way to action it is to write
      about what your personal goals were when
      posting your mix, and encouraging others
      to do the same. I've started adding mix
      notes to mine to keep track of what and
      why for mixing decisions. I think I'll
      add something about what stuff I was
      focusing on in myself (rather than the song)
      as well.

      Guido tum Suden

        Good question, James,

        My guess would be that Plugin Alliance is just the distributor, so it would have to be, like Toby wrote, one manufacturer, like Brainworx or SPL.

        OTOH the brands are very specialized, so I would think it fair to be able to use all of them.


          Yep, I agree with Guido's interpretation. Brainworx would be one brand.

          It also occurs to me that the same can be said of UAD plugins, if a member choses to mix with UAD plugins - they can only use UAD manufactured plugins. Not plugins built by other manufactures on the UAD platform. no Brainworx, Eventide, Softude etc.



            @Michael, if it wasn't restrictive, it wouldn't be a challenge.

            The mix challenges are optional and intended for members who want to challenge themselves to think differently about mixing and force themselves to solve problems in new ways etc.

            Members who wish to put in the best mix possible, are free to ignore the challenges and mix as normal.


            James Gorman

              Thanks guys. My crazy plan is start with
              bx, just what I own. A little easier
              since I have their console series, but
              otherwise just bx_subsynth and bx_digital.
              Will require some out of the box thinking
              for pitch, reverb and delay effects,
              but I suppose not much different from
              back in the day with just a console to
              mix on.

              Guido tum Suden

                Hey Tobi,

                what about drum samples and the like.
                Do we have to use Warren's if there's no "Instrument" plugin on the manufacturer's list?
                Or can we create new tracks by other means?


                  I think Virtual Instruments etc are okay. Where it would get a little unclear is, if a member were to use 'bundled in FX / channel strips' with the Virtual Instruments. For example, East West Instruments come w/ a very decent SSL Channel Strip. But using it, would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

                  Arthur Labus

                    Great idea. Did my mix with ALL Variety Of Sound plugins LOL
                    Learned a lot, even because i was forced to use some plugins, i 've nered used before.
                    So, indeed, it's a bit of my "Raiders Of A Lost Plugins" feel 😉

                    Thank you Toby


                      I'm new here and still gotta find my way around... Where are the tracks for this challenge?

                      James Gorman

                        Hi and welcome Maarten! We just use the tracks for the month (ps this is optional, you can do whatever you want - Brian for President almost always does an EDM remix).

                        All of the multitracks are at

                        A better place to start is this month's breakdown by Warren at


                          Thanks, James! 🙂

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