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    Nate Wycoff

      I'm located an hour East of Minneapolis, in Wisconsin, a bitter windy winter wasteland now, but it's gorgeous in the summer. We're on a 7 acre hobby farm with dogs, cats, horses and chickens. I record and produce other artists as well as my own music. I have played guitar since 1992 and started recording in 1994 on a Fostex four track.

      In addition to the studio, I build tin can microphones and wire vintage phones to be used for some lo-fi or trash mics. I call them The Hobo and The Secretary and sell them on my studio website.

      I have a bunch of guitars, including a 1961 Epiphone Coronet and 79 Les Paul both of which belonged to my dad who was an incredible player (check out this video of my dad), and a bunch of other fun instruments; banjo, mandolin, uke, stylophone, autoharp, chord organ, a Mapex drumset, etc. Some great amps too, my favorites are my 90's Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker head and a Orange TH30 12" combo.

      DAW - Logic Pro X on a 2009 Mac Pro cheese grater, rocking 48gb ram
      Interface - M-Audio Profire 2626 with two more Profires connected via adat (24 inputs)
      2 Golden Age Project Pre-73 mk2 preamps
      Monitors: Yamaha HS8 with a JBL 10" home theater sub
      Audient Nero monitor controller
      Favorite plugins: Soundtoys Echoboy, Slate VMR, Verbsuite Classics
      Favorite Mics: SM7b, Sterling Audio ST170 ribbon mic, ST159 multipattern condenser, Secretary Telephone Handset Lo-fi Mic,

      My studio is in my living room, which is cool, but also poses many challenges. From working with other people around distracting me, to room acoustics and placement of my desk and monitors. Being the only spot in the house I can use I don't have much choice as to the fact that I'm in a corner and the speakers are close to the wall. But, I have a space and for that I'm grateful.

      Frequency Farm Recording Studio Website
      @naterwycoff on twitter - though, I only use Twitter to share PLAP contests. LOL! 🙂

      Here's some pics

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      Nate Wycoff

        Frequency Farm Recording Studio
        Hobo Tin Can Microphone
        Logic Pro X, HS8, Audient Nero
        Golden Age Pre73 mic preamps
        M-Audio Profire 2626 interfaces.
        ST170 & ST159, Sterling Audio Microphones
        My dirty little secret, the Behringer Control2USB (Dave Merkel you know about this piece of junk!). I use it to get my unbalanced signals (turntable & tape deck) into balanced and send to my interface. I also use this to send to my home theater system.
        Control2USB and 2009 Mac Pro
        Some of my favorite pedals, including a 1975 Phase 90.
        Plenty of guitars
        1961 Epiphone Coronet
        61 Epiphone
        Nero & ATH-M50x headphones
        Nero and headphones
        View out my window
        79 Les Paul

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