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    Flavio Jerome

      My creative space

      Pretty sure this isn’t what you guys had in mind as far “studios big or small”, definitely feels a bit out of place next to all the fantastic posts I saw before this one, but what the heck! 😉

      Studio/bedroom. 8th floor of a small appartement building in central Tokyo. The room is what’s called a “wa-shitsu”, or a Japanese style room (i.e. with tatami flooring and cupboards built into the walls with sliding doors). I live here with my wife and our 10-month-old son.

      This is my main music-making space in the photo. I keep a few guitars in the aforementioned cupboards (entry models all). It’s a movable setup, obviously. I can just grab my laptop and a pair of headphones and try to stay productive wherever.

      Including at my father-in-law’s little office space on the ground floor after negotiating with my wife for a couple of hours away from daddy duties on weekends. Admission fee was that I had to install the Pokemon Go app on my phone and have to trade a few beasties with him before I could open my laptop and put on my headphones (true story).

      • Name: Flavio Jerome
      • Where: Tokyo, Japan
      • Bio: Hobbyist. Music keeps my head above the waters of everyday life. Trying to keep learning and improving whenever and however I can.
      • DAW: Logic Pro
      • Genres: Indie folk-pop, soft rock, indie electronic, dream pop
      • Favourite plugins: Anything that sounds good and makes my life easier.
      • Gear list: MacBook Pro, M-Audio M-Track 2X2M, Focal Clear, Rode NT1, Shure SM57
      • Equipment I have my eye on: Yamaha HS 8s (although probably not worth it in the current room), Lewitt LCT 640 TS

      Much love from Japan to everyone! 🙂

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