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    Arthur Labus

      This summary of separate thread. Decided to keep it all in this place.

      I am really surprised how good it worked - for me.
      There are even not all plugins used and there is no drum samples at all.

      Micheal Belanger:
      Hey Arthur. Sounds good.
      Thoughts/just opinions:
      - great balance
      - cool style choices
      - when the guitar drops out the first time is a bit abrupt. In contrast the 2nd time it drops out shortly after, there is a vocal line and sounds great
      - like how you built up the effects on vocals through the song. More reverb on vocals at the end but that's just an opinion.
      - really good energy. Didn't notice anything missing due to plug in challenge.

      i think you made those verbs sound pretty good considering
      now where jesper have this sorta band in a room sound
      you have the band all in different country's....and i like it very much
      very good work

      Jason Davenport:
      Cool mix Arthur! Think you have done a great job using limited resources. Your mix still retains creativity even with the restricted plugin list. Guitar stops are cool, I did something similar in the 2nd verse. I agree, this song made the challenge a little easier. Nice job!

      Stu Brown:
      Took me a minute to get used to the roominess but really liking it, pretty much opposite to what the rest of us have done. Nice creative use of effects too, great stuff, really good vibe, like a stoner rock version or something.

      Danial Devost:
      Ya man what did you do for the room sound on the drums? It's bloody great!
      I think the guitar after the second chorus could come up when its playing the riff, especially with the bass coming in and out.
      Like the stereo solo, doesn't sound gimmicky that I find can happen when spreading a lead part.
      Great attitude, and very cohesive mix.

      Jesper Waller:
      So niiiice intro Arthur! Wide and dry and FAT! Really cool sound you have going on here. I especially like the kick and bass together. Its sounds so hard and great! I guess we have to thank Warren aslo for giving us great sounding files... It is as Always with you very creative. I like that you left out the drumsamples, it really suites this mix. Did you use anything on the masterbus?

      Toby Davis:
      Crisp and crunchy gtrs
      Boomy roomy. v. cool drums! - reminds me of my faaavorite drum sound ever... Led Zeps 'When The Levee Breaks'
      Vox are too reverby for my tastes... but other peeps will love.
      Chorus vox are more too my tastes. Kinda cool. BVox are at bit lost... depends what you're going for.
      Like the touches in the breakdown! Very slammy moments! Great use of sonic space (pro producer term).
      Very cool! Very dirty rock!
      Not sure how seriously any of my comments should be taken. Tthe cable that hooks my 'Internet PC' into my studio monitors had worked loose and I was losing the righthand side from time to time. Enzo must have caught the cable running around the studio. Felt like you mix was panning hard left in the breakdown... Enzo was remixing your remix!

      Casey Dankle:
      Hey Arthur, see my comment on FrameJunkee's mix. You are one of those portrait painters. Really felt like being in a gritty club watching a band from the front row complete with the lead singer belting the "blow my mind" line

      Christian Gillmann:
      Hi Arthur,
      great diversified mix!Brutal drum sound, really helps the feel of the song. The distortion on the bass takes a little bit away from it´s possible energy, i think. The flanger/chorus on the voice is a little bit too much for me, but i like how you "seperated" the singing parts with effects. I love, that you emphasized the falsetto voice. Very cool solo guitar sound. The "normal" harmonies in the choruses could be a little louder for my taste. Overall very interesting mix to listen to!

      Ionone Bangcas:
      Hi Arthur,
      I like the drums. The kit ambience sounds Bonham-like!

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