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    Randy Churchill

      Like most guitar players, Eddie was one of my biggest idols and had a huge impact on molding not only who I am as guitarist, but the person I've become. His playing inspired me to keep practicing, to be better than I was yesterday, and though I have bad days I try to keep improving with that kind of work ethic. I'm wanting to honour his memory and legacy by recording a cover of Hot For Teacher, the first song I ever played for an audience. I'm looking for a drummer who can pull off that intro, and a vocalist; I can record the guitar and bass. There's no rush on this as I need to relearn the solo, but it'd be cool if I could get a couple PLAPers to help me out with this, and if it goes well maybe we can convince Warren to put up the multitracks for FF!

      Arthur Labus

        Hi Randy,

        i am offering you an option of creating programmed drums with real recorded samples.

        Maybe, if there are more members participating, you could put it all together from different tracks ?

        However, count on me. Whatever it takes i'll help - mixing, mastering, artwork, drums programming ... can even shout at my microphone. I am not afraid .

        Thomas Lyng Poulsen

          Very cool idea, Randy!

          I wish, I wasn't guitar player... Then I could be part of it. Best of luck!

          Randy Churchill

            Thanks, Arthur. I do have SD3 for drum programming, but I wanted to see if there was a drummer that would be willing to perform for this one before committing to picking apart the intro. I might take you up on the vocals though!

            Randy Churchill

              Thomas, if we do end up submitting the multitracks I see no reason why we can't have multiple guitar players record their own performances of the song so people can pick a performance, or even splice multiple performances together.

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