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    Evan Beckwith

      I was a working mid-western (USA) bar band musician (keys and guitar) for 20 yrs after high school, then life forced me into a real job. I gave music a second go at age 40 playing and writing songs in a punk band in the late 90s. After another round of life getting in the way, I resurfaced with the added skill of drums and began to write and record in my own home studio. In the 20 yrs I was knocking around with bar bands, I got the chance to go into the studio several times. I was less interested in what we were recording and more interest in what the engineers and producer were doing. I decided then that I would prefer being behind the board rather than in the live room. But until home recording became affordable, I was never able to act on that dream.

      This is my second home studio.I've posted photos of both. The current one is the one with the iMac. The current room isn't treated but still sounds pretty good due to the couch, overstuffed chair, soft fabric blinds, and a bookcase in front of the drums. It has a vaulted ceiling which is nice for the drums. I record live drums, but tend to replace kicks and snares with samples. lately I've been delving into writing and producing electronically.

      DAWs - Pro Tools / Logic

      Interface - Presonus Studio 192

      Control Surfaces - Avid Control on iPad / Faderport Classic / M-Audio Oxygen 25

      Mics - AKG D112
      Shure SM7b
      Shure SM 57s
      Lewitt DTP 340 TTs
      AKG C214 Matched Pair
      Sennheiser MD 421s


      Drums - Yamaha Stage Custom
      Guitar - Stratocaster
      Amps - Avid Eleven Rack
      Piano - Yamaha P125 88-Key Midi

      Monitors - Presonus Eris 5 / AKG K701 headphones (open back) / AT Headphones (closed back)

      Photos: (The one with the big console is my old studio)

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