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    Raphaël Thebaud

      Hi everyone,

      I'm looking for an entry-level (ideally under 100€) small diaphragm condenser microphone for my home studio (for recording acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, and maybe violin, hi-hat...).

      I've seen a few things :
      - Rode M3
      - AKG C1000
      - Lewit LCT040

      (or "low cost brands" : behringer, superlux, t.bone).

      It's difficult to make a choice, because I don't have the opportunity to try them.
      Might you help me to make a choice ?

      Thanks in advance plapers experts !


      Magnus Johansson

        As a academy member you probably want to look one more time at the amazing deals from Lewitt.

        I have some nice experience with the Rode M5 MP. Also, the Slate Digital ML-2 could be an option. Slightly more expensive but worth checking out. There's also alternatives to the ML-2 if you like the idea of virtual mic locker.

        Is this your first microphone? Check out this old post of mine

        Guido tum Suden

          Of course I can't say for sure but my guess is that with the LCT 040 you will have the best value for the money.
          According to tests the sound will be very precise for the cost of the mic, but if you're looking for a warm sound, it will not be the right one.
          With the PLAPA Lewitt deal though you might even want to consider the LCT 140 Air.

          Dave Le Sange

            Hey Raph,

            I'd like strongly second what's been said about the Lewitt mics & suggest looking for an original LCT140 on the used market - having used both the 140 & the 140AIR pretty extensively I honestly prefer the original.

            We were talking drum recording recently, no? Original LCT140 is my go-to for snare bottom & I do like the 040s as overheads.

            Bang for buck on a budget? We're all gonna tell you Lewitt, especially with this academy discount I've only just learned about.

            Take it easy now

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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