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    Dylan Kaminkow

      Our studio began as Bassist Dylan Kaminkow’s living space and rehearsal space eight years ago. Over time the apartment evolved from rehearsals and demo recordings into a full fledged studio as Kaminkow interned and assisted in various other studios around New York City while gigging full time. Audubon Lab Recording is a budget recording space for independent artists in Uptown Manhattan, serving a diverse client base, from punk rock bands to jazz instrumentalists and classical chamber groups.

      DAW of Choice : Pro Tools
      Gear List:
      -Tascam M-520 Console
      -Presonus Firestudio Projects x3
      -DBX 160X (x2)
      -DBX 266 (x2)
      -Hafler T2
      -Tascam 42 2 track tape machine
      -Fender Deville
      -Marshall Valve State
      -Fender Deluxe Cab
      -Rhodes MK2
      - Mini Moog Model D (1973)
      - Custom Skjold SLayer 6 String Bass
      -Slingerland Vintage Drum Kit
      -Tamma Granstar Drum Kit

      Gear Ive Got my eye on:
      monitor controller, maybe the drawmer
      New Monitors
      new cabling for patchbays and microphones
      Lewitt Dual element KickDrum Mic

      Control Room
      Control Room 2
      Live Room
      Live room 2
      Mic Collection 1
      Mic Collection 2
      Mic Collection 3

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