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    Derek Whitaker

      Trying one last time. Can't seem to get this posted for some reason.
      Golden Owl Studio - Seattle, WA
      The little home studio that could! Although producing music is mostly a home hobby for me, I have a great passion for it and have had the opportunity to record several Gold Record selling artists on various projects at Golden Owl including Roger Fisher (Heart/Alias), Roni Lee (Runaways), Pamela Moore (Queensryche), and Randy Piper (WASP). I mostly enjoy producing Pop and Rock, but on one occasion I produced a rap song for a local artist, and it featured my daughter Kaedyn Kashmir who ended up performing the track on ABC prime time! Cubase is my choice for a DAW because of the great MIDI editing features and I'm currently using version 10.5 which has some great new features. My go to plugins are Izotope Neutron/Nectar/Ozone, Waves Renaissance, UAD 1176 and EMT140 Plate, Soundtoys Echoboy, and my secret weapon for sidechaining is the Wavesfactory Trackspacer. Sometimes I use the UAD pre-amps, but for the most part I use outboard ones and have several to choose from depending on what I'm going for. I think the software pre-amps are getting better but just aren't there yet. For percussion, both my kits are Roland V-Drums that I feed into Superior Drummer 3. I recently recorded a Zeppelin tribute band and the drummer was skeptical of my setup until I dialed in his performance to emulate Bonham's classic "When the Levee Breaks" sound. He was shocked and happy that I could get it sounding so close to the original recording that all fears were set aside. Although I have great pick of classic amps to choose from, when it comes to recording guitar I rarely stray from my Kemper these days. It's truly amazing and gives me pretty much any sound I need. My favorite microphone to use is the Townsend Labs Sphere L22, which in my opinion is the best emulation microphone out there. It not only does spot on mic emulations while still getting to use your favorite pre-amps, it can automate the proximity and axis as well!
      Complete Gear List
      Mixing Room Front
      Mixing Room Back
      Mixing Room Side
      Recording Room Front
      Recording Room Back
      Jam Room
      Console Close Up
      Console Side
      Golden Owl Logo
      Facebook Page

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