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    Guido tum Suden

      While looking for something to tame transients on snare drum I stumbled upon this. What do you think?

      • Put Decapitator on snare track
      • Use preset "Drum Fatterner 1"
      • Adjust Output
      • Use Tone control to adjust the sound of your snare to the song!

      The Tone control is the great thing here. It let's you, to a degree, tune the snare to get a darker or a brighter one.


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        Distorsion will round up the transients, but it can make them sound kind of "fake" so to speak. Any dist plugin will do the task, but Decapitator is a beast.


          Does Decapitator make that much of a difference? Im considering a purchase but am not au fait with the product. Any advise will be greatly appreciated, would any other product or distortion fill the same role?


          Arthur Labus

            I use Nomad Factory Bus Driver. There is a preset "Snare bite" (Tube saturation). Works fine.
            Bus Driver is really versatile and it's only 9,99 $. Demo available.

            Or VST32 plugins for Windows: Thrillseeker VBL and Thrillseeker TXC from Variety of Sound.
            Great free plugins.

            However, i don't know decapitator.

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              Cheers Arthur, I do love me some Free Plugins.. I'll give them a blast and report back 😛


              Magnus Johansson

                Other free saturation available from klanghelm and softube. Warren has a video or two where he checks out some free plugins. Bet there were a couple more saturation plugins there.

                Michael Hordorwich

                  Decapitator is so awesome especially for drum bus. Also I agree there are some cool great free plugs out there. I think I own everything out there except fabfilter and a few others but got all the usual suspects from waves mercury to slate all, all isotope, soundtoyS bundle tons of uad etc but the more I get like I said in another post I started the more my work slows down. I think I need to downgrade but selling them is so hard and not worth it so I just need to be wise about NOT buYing anymore I have enough and need to master what I got. Anyways happy mixing and all your mixes sounds great guys and gals! Thanks,mike

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