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    Dan Gray

      Hey All You Cool PLAPs and PLAPins!

      Name: Dan Gray (aka Cantankerous Monk)

      Studio: Instagram link

      Studio is based: in a corner of our living room of our home in Barrington Rhode Island

      Bio: Started getting into recording in High School (1990ish) - had 3 or 4 garage-sale tape decks stacked with ins/outs linked for a sorta-multi-tracking system and a beat up DX7 and random-ass drum machine and embarrassed myself in front of my school. From HS, I joined the Air Force and, with my first few paychecks, upgraded to a Tascam 4-track reel-to-reel/mixer combo then embarrassed myself in front of my Air Force buddies. Stuck with that until late 90s and did a bunch of punk and grindcore demo stuff in the Oklahoma City area (around Tinker AFB). In early 2000s (post-Air Force), I was working as a regional Pro A/V contractor and (by chance) met a blind praise & worship/hip-hop producer in Tulsa who used ProTools and needed help micing drums and working with guitar cabinets, etc. Worked with him for a year or so and eventually helped him rebuild his studio and upgrade all his gear; for payment, he gave me his ProTools/Waves suite with a couple of 888s, slightly yellowed PowerMAC, a HUI (man, I loved that thing!), and a MIDI interface. That was what I really learned on and started gobbling up Rip Rowan forum threads. Made some "OK" recordings (including this one) on that system until it died a few years later and it was too costly to fix or upgrade. Stepped away from music for a while to focus on being daddy and starting my IT career and now I'm getting back into it now that my daughter is grown and I'm in a comfy place career-wise (luckily). Moved from Oklahoma to Rhode Island in 2012 (for work and to be closer to an ocean) and have slowly started rebuilding a recording system and set of fun toys to play with. I'm almost there...hoping for an I/O upgrade soon and to add a couple mics and mic pres, then just need some classes so I can learn how to use all this stuff, and I'll be all set for the foreseeable future! And that's why I'm here 🙂

      DAW of choice: Reaper (main); Ableton Live ('12 up until about a month ago); ProTools ('00 - '05ish)

      Genres you primarily work with: Post-Punk; Punk; Prog; Jazz; Metal; Rock; Alt-Rock; Alt-Country/Indie; starting to get into movie scoring (maybe I'll make some money at this yet!)

      Favorite Plugins: Just (today) got the Waves Horizon bundle ...and the NLS Non-Linear Summer plugin (freebie), not sure yet. But that NLS seems pretty amazing.

      Gear List: Alienware 15; Tascam US-1800; AxiomPro 49 controller; Mackie 1202 VLZ; Ultrasone Proline 650 (headphones); JBL LSR305s(near-field); Martin Logan Motion 40s (mid-field); Symetric 525; 2 MindPrint En-Voice tube channel strips; Viscount EFX3000 (like Axe-FX only from late 90s); Akai 1/4 reel-to-reel (used for tape saturation loop); Orange Tiny Terror -> Celestion Century Vintage G12; Peavey MaxBass 112; Ampeg BA-210; Odery Eyedentity Sapele 5-piece; Mapex M-Pro 6 piece; Mapex Daisy-Cutter Snare; Tama Speed-cobra double pedal/high-hat; Traben Chaos-5 (bass); Warwick Streamer Std (bass); Schecter bass, Schecter guitar; Taylor 416ce; 1860s Steinway upright

      What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently: Arturia AudioFuse Studio; Midas XL-48; CloudLifter; pair of Celestion G12 Creambacks and some plywood (to make an iso box);

      Facebook & Instagram Links: Instagram link
      and here's my Bandmix profile with audio samples.

      Any other cool things about your studio we should know? Is it in an old church? Does your gear have history? Anyone notable recorded there? Etc. Not yet 😉

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