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    D. Patrick Dougherty

      D. Patrick Dougherty/Daedalus Productions – Audianna

      Location: Jim Thorpe, Pa & Nyc, Ny

      Bio: Has worked with numerous groups performing bass, drums, guitar and synthesizer. Has engineered for diverse artists such as David Byrne, Natalie Merchant, Nikki Lane, N’Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies), Grace Jones, Theodore Shapiro, Steve Forbert, Bret Alexander (The Badlees), Jeffrey Gaines, Ruthie Foster, David Mayfield Parade, Len Brunson, Spottiswoode & His Enemies, The Orchard Thieves, Stereoscope, Pretty Boys, Taarka, Donna The Buffalo, Kim Wayman/Little Kitten Space Girl, John Lardieri, Syleena Johnson, JimmyJames, New West Guitar Group f. Sara Gazarek, The Silent League, Grand Mal, Betty, Stars Like Fleas, Doe, Clueless, Black Mountain Trio, The Inoue Chamber Ensemble, Sky Salt, Posterchild, 40 Story Radio Tower, House of Hamill, Vermilion, Swearingen & Kelli, Big Fat Meanies, Cherokee Red, Barefoot Movement, Skip Monday, Our Griffins, Mike Marlin, Craig Thatcher & Nyke Van Wyk, Free Range Folk, The Day Rubies, William H. Travis, De Tierra Caliente, Birdie Busch and John Cale of the seminal art-rock group The Velvet Underground. Film and TV work include the soundtracks to ‘American Psycho’, ‘Girlfight’ (Winner Sundance), ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Victor Stabin’s ‘The Bonito is Finito’ & ‘E=MC3’, ‘Encounter’, and ‘The Bamboo Princess’ as well as scoring spots for television and radio. He currently owns and operates Daedalus Productions, a mobile audio recording facility specializing in classical and chamber groups as well as R & B, Rock, and Pop acts. Clients/Label List: V2 Records, Sire-Warner, Universal, NBC, ABC, MTV, Jive Records, Arena Rock Records, Purple Audio, The Mauch Chunk Opera House, File-13, The Japan Society.

      DAW: Pro Tools & Logic Pro X

      Genres: Rock, Pop, Folk, Americana, Jazz, R & B, Classical, Soundtrack, ADR/Film & Tv.

      Gear List:
      24’ x 18’ x 8' (approx 380 sq ft)
      Modular Baffling/Iso & Bass Traps

      Tascam DM3200 32 I/O 48 Mix w/ Meter Bridge & FW Cards
      IMac 27” 4.2 i7 Quad Core 64gb Ram (track/edit, Main)
      IMac 27” 3.4 i7 Quad Core 32gb Ram (track/edit, B Room)
      IMac 21” 2.7ghz i5 Quad Core 16gb Ram (edit/synth)
      Pro Tools 2019.5
      Logic Pro X
      Black Lion Micro Clock III
      Various Plugs- Curve Bender, Tube Tech Collection, El Rey, Soothe, Shadow Hills, Acme Opticom, Decapitator, Dolby 361A, True Iron, Transient Designer, Purple Audio, Valves, SSL, API & Renaissance Collections, Ampeg B-15N, Ozone 7, Abbey Road Plates & Chambers, EchoBoy, FutzBox, NLS (SSL, Neve & EMI Analog Summing Modelers), Dbx 160, PSP FETComp, ADT & J-37 Tape Sats, Devil-Loc & Radiator, Aphex Vintage, H-Delay. Others- Lexicon, Oeksound, Acustica, Kazrog, Elysia, SPL, Avid, McDSP, Izotope, Brainworx, Massey, SoundToys, Apogee, FabFilter, Softube.
      Novation Nocturn

      Focal Alpha 80 (8” mid/active)
      Yamaha NS-10m (7” near/passive)
      Tannoy 501a (5” near/active)
      Tannoy 802 (B Room 8" mid/active)
      Tannoy 402 (B Room 4” near/active)
      Avantone Pro MixCube (5” mono ref/active)
      Cambridge SoundWorks (2” ref + sub)
      Cambridge DAC XS
      AudioQuest DragonFly
      Mackie Studio Command
      Hafler P-1500 Monitor Amp
      Crown D-60 Monitor Amp

      Pearlman TM-1 (German Tube Version LD Condenser)
      Telefunken AR-51 (Ela M-251/C-12 style Tube Condenser)
      Peluso 2247 SE (U-47 style Tube Condenser)
      Neumann U-89i
      Neumann TLM-193 (2)
      Neumann KM-184
      Lauten Audio Clarion FC-357 FET
      Royer 121 (ribbon)
      Reslo RBH 'Celeste' (ribbon, Xaudia mod)
      Reslo RB ‘Beeb' (ribbon, Xaudia mod)
      AKG C-451 EB
      Blue/Electro Voice Cardinal
      Blue/Electro Voice Raven (2)
      Electro Voice RE-20
      Electro Voice 635a (Dynamic/Omni)
      Sennheiser 421 (2)
      Sennheiser e906
      Shure Beta 57 1st Gen
      Shure Beta 57 2nd Gen (2)
      Shure SM-57 (3)
      Shure/Granelli Labs G-5790 (2)
      Shure SM-7b
      Shure Beta 52a
      Shure SM-81
      Shure 520-DX
      Shure SM-10A
      Beyer M-160 (ribbon)
      Audio Technica 4041 (3)
      Audio Technica 4033 (2)
      Audio Technica 8010 (Condenser/Omni)

      Pre Amps:
      32 Desk (w/inserts to bypass on channels 1-16)
      Neve 1073LB
      Chandler Limited EMI TG-2
      Burl Audio B1-D
      Purple Audio Biz
      Great River MP-500NV
      Avalon 737-SP (Tube)
      Manley Mono (Tube)
      BAE 1073MP
      Apogee (16)
      Drawmer MX-60
      Focusrite (8)
      Dbx 286-A

      Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor
      Purple Audio MC-77
      Joe Meek SC-2 Optical Compressor
      Dbx 160-XT
      Dbx 1046 Quad
      Lexicon GP-2
      Lexicon Re-Flex
      TC Works Console
      TC Electronics M-One
      TC Electronics G-Major
      Aphex Aural Exciter C2
      BBE Sonic Maximizer

      Fender US Custom ’62 RI Telecaster Nashville Plus Bound Top, Maple (Emg SA/SA/85, active)
      Fender ’93 American Standard Stratocaster Black Top, Maple (Gold Lace Sensor s/s/s, passive)
      Steinberger GM-7s Newburgh (Emg 89/SA/89, active)
      Gretsch 6118 Double Anniversary Hollowbody (dual FilterTron, passive)
      Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet (dual Filter Tron, passive)
      Gibson J-45 Acoustic (1978)
      Martin 00-CXAE (grand concert Fishman 4 electronics)
      La Patrie Motif QI (nylon classical/EPM Quantum 1 electronics)
      Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Nylon
      Godin A12 12 String (under-saddle transducer)
      Godin A8 Mandolin (saddle transducers/RMC preamp)
      Kala Archtop Tenor Jazz Ukelele
      Kala Soprano Ukelele

      Kubicki Ex-Factor Fretless (18v Hybrid, active)
      Kubicki Ex-Factor Fretted (9v Hybrid, active)
      DC Olson Reverse Jazz (Villex Passive 3 Band)
      Fender 2001 Anniversary Precision FSR-US, Butterscotch/Ash MN (Stock, Passive)
      Fender 2008 70’s Classic Precision FSR-Corona, Sapphire/Alder RW (Stock, Passive)
      Gretsch 6128B Thunder Jet (TV Jones, Passive)
      Gretsch 6176 Acoustic/Electric Fretless (Ceramic, active)
      Esh Various (Kent Armstrong/HZ Hybrid, active)
      Steinberger XM-2 (Emg 81/81, active)
      Gibson Les Paul Classic (Stock TB, passive)
      G & L Asat Hollow body (MFD 3-way, active)
      Zeta Crossover Electric Upright (Strados piezo, active)

      Kicks- GMS SE 20”x 18” Natural Lacquer, Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20”x 17”, Daxdad Custom 20” x 12”, Remo Legero Haflshell 22”x 6”
      Snares- GMS SE 7"x 13” Natural Lacquer, GMS SE 6”x 12” Marine Pearl, Tama Metalworks 6.5”x 14”, Pearl Sensitone 12” x 5”, Yamaha Custom Birch 10”x 5” Piccolo/Side (2)
      Toms- Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 10”x 7”/12”x 8”/13”x 9”/16”x 13”/16”x 15”, Remo Legero Concert/Halfshell 10”x 5”/13”x 5”/16”x 5”
      GMS G-Tubes/Octobans (20” & 22”)
      Remo Roto Toms (6” & 8”)
      Zildjian K’s & A’s (R18/C16/C16/H13/S8)
      Paiste Signature (R20/C18/C17/C16/H14/S6/FX16)
      Roland Spd-S Trigger/Sampler
      Roland TD-6
      Alesis DM-10X
      Akai XR-20
      Misc Hand Percussion, Timbales, Djembe, Tubanito, Cajon, Guiro, Cabasa, Clave, Ganza, Tablatone 8”& 12” Frame Drums, Raw Potz, Chimes, Concert bells.

      Korg SV-1 88BK
      Korg R3
      Novation K Station
      Roland JV-1080 (w/Orch & World Cards, rack)
      Roland Juno 60
      Emu Proteus 2000 (rack)
      Alesis Ion
      Alesis Air
      Akai S-1000
      Akai S-2000 (rack)
      Yamaha DX7s

      Fender Blues LE (1x12 tube)
      Vox AC15 C1-TV (1x12 tube)
      Vox Cambridge 30R (2x10 tube/ss)
      Orange 35RT (1x10 solid state)
      Hartke Kickback 15
      Ampeg Porta 250
      Fender Rumble 40

      Guitar Pedals/FX:
      Swift SL-7T True Bypass/Looper
      Keeley Super Bass-X Limiter/Comp
      Moollon Bufferage Bass Drive
      Peterson Strobe Tuner
      Ibanez TS-9
      Ibanez CS-9
      Ibanez FL-9
      Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver/DI
      Boss TU-3s
      Boss OD-20 (Dual Over Drive/Distortion)
      Boss Bass ODB-3
      Boss SYB-3 Synth Bass
      MXR 133 Micro Amp (2)
      MXR 101 Phase 90
      MXR 102 Dyna Comp
      MXR 88 Bass Octave
      Dunlop Crybaby Bass Wah
      Dunlop DVP-4
      Guyatone MD-3 (2)
      Guyatone CS-3
      Guyatone HD-2
      Guyatone WR-2
      Line 6 Pod Pro
      Roland PW-10 V-Wah
      Electro Harmonix Big Muff
      HS E-Bow Plus

      Mogami/Neutrik Wiring
      Zoom Q2n Studio Cams (4)
      Vintage King 5006 LB/Rack Chassis
      Sony MDR-7506 (6)
      Sony MDR-V6 Headphones (3)
      Grado SR-60 Headphones (2)
      Sennheiser HD-598 Headphones (15)
      Mackie HM-4 (2)
      HeadAmps 1x4 (5)
      Whirlwind DI (3)
      Stedman PS-101 (3)
      Ultimate MC-125
      Mic Stands (40)
      Monitor Stands (6)


      Mark Beeson

        Hey Patrick-

        You have some great gear in the studio and an impressive resume. Nice selection of bass guitars

        D. Patrick Dougherty

          Bass addiction. Yes. The struggle is real.

          D. Patrick Dougherty

            Tried to upload photos, nothing was happening.
            Photos available here:
            or here:


              Nice Very Nice,

              Michael Garding

                Nice list o' gear sir!!!

                D. Patrick Dougherty

                  You too Michael. That piano room is to die for.

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