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    Mark Warner

      Dear Warren,
      As a PLAP member who has learnt much about mixing, production, equipment etc in the last year and put much of it into practice I am now devoting much of my time to the "Creativity is King" area by writing and recording more putting these ideas into practice.

      For me the next step is to understand more about "creativity" be that song writing, tracking or production choices especially from a commercial perspective. I know you are a very busy guy but I was wondering if there was anyway that a formal review or feedback of our own efforts could be arranged that focused more on the creative decisions and builds on the technical knowledge foundation?

      That could be in the form of another feedback friday, or a workshop or even a different site similar to Pro Mix Academy. The review of work by a commercially successful person like yourself has great value.

      Best regards Mark

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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