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    Lukasz Frankowski

      Hi PLAP'ers and PLAP'ettes

      I'd love to try to collaborate with you. I'm willing to contribute to your projects, create something together and/or have you on board working on my music. However little or much needed.

      I have keen ears and can contribute when it comes to song writing, arranging, singing (backing or main vocals, probably backing ?), production, mixing, editing, or even mastering. I play albeit not great, guitar, bass, keys.

      I have an eclectic taste, so try me. Drop me a PM. Let's have a chat and see what we have to offer for one another.

      I've gone back to making music after a long time. As it stands I have only one track I can share (below) but, other than being moody, it's not really representative of my writing. My music can only be described as kind of Rock. But currently working on a track that can only be described as classic R&B (can you contribute backing vocals? sax solo?)

      Track below was recorded in a day and a very much a solo effort from start to finish. I was working to a deadline as wanted it done for Christmas Day for special someones and it wasn't written until midday until Christmas Eve.


      You can also find my PLAP mixes here https://soundcloud.com/i9_records


      Would love to hear from you.

      Lukasz aka insider9


      Andrew Gordon-Brooks

        Loved the track and love to collaborate! Don't own a sax but will PM and see what we can do together

        Lukasz Frankowski

          Great to hear from you Andrew! The song I was thinking about took a different turn ?

          Wanted to say massive, massive thanks to Chris Corral who collaborated with me on "Someone Else". I'm super grateful and it wouldn't be the same without you! Thanks so much!

          I also wanted to add that I'm super chuffed with the fact we managed to do it in "my usual" timescale which is circa 10 days from beginning to end. With no deadline ever discussed. Chris was super understanding. I'd like to stress it's because of my attention span and the fact I get bored of even the most amazing song if it's not done in around 10 days.

          I'd love feedback on composition/arrangement/mix you name it. As you can imagine certain choices were intentional others spontaneous. But the overall aim of the game was not to have something amazing next year but something great even if it's imperfect now. I'll use all your lovely feedback to learn for the future.

          I love how we managed to pull together and deliver without any pressure. I hope Chris shares this feeling.

          Here's to many more collabs! Cheers and enjoy the track ?


          Lukasz Frankowski


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