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    Hello everybody!
    This time I am glad to bring to your attention my remix of the CLO song "Blackout" - this is a wonderful song with which I participated in the CLO Blackout Remix Contest 2020. After listening to the original, I immediately heard how I wanted to make my remix and started arranging. I wanted to give the song a little "pepper" and immerse it in the dance atmosphere. The song is mixed completely ITB. I chose Vengeance Avenger VSTi as the main instrument, and also added my own light backing vocals, recorded through the Harmonizer TC-Helicon VoiceWorks + Plugins. As always, I hope you will like it, and i would be very glad to hear your opinion about my mixing nuances, and constructive review.
    Thank you in advance!


    Paul Arntz

    Nice job!  Loved your creative interpretation.  My only comment would be that it seems to have an abundance of the high frequency info like cymbals and could use some more low end in general.




    Thank You! Glad,that You liked my remix. Totally agree with you - high end sounds a bit too harsh,and maybe the low end could be more "fat", but sometimes it causes som frequencies conflicts,so,- i am glad,that bottom is clear:) But thanks a lot- i am always greateful for informative and constructive opinion. Thank You!:)

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