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    Todd Mitchell

      @Christopher - first, thanks for the kind words on my mix!

      First off, although there's good merit in knowing the guidelines for mastering levels, I'm not sure I'd be completely focused on picking a target LUFS. In fact, depending on the dynamics of the track, it's important to realize that different songs will be "scored" differently.  I strongly encourage you to check out this website for evaluating your master:


      One really valuable lesson will be in seeing the spread between the services.  Over time, I have discovered that both how I mix and the track itself will have a notable impact on how much a given service will turn it down.

      In my opinion:

      1) Optimally, no service will suggest the song should be turned up

      2) Songs with a lot of dynamics and/or one disproportionately loud part will be more heavily penalized on some services.  For my mix of this tune, the difference between how much Pandora will turn it down (0.9 dB) and Apple (-3 dB) are very close.  This means that my mix probably has less dynamic range than it could, but also means that head-to-head with something pop/R&B/metal/hiphop, I should be right in there - no one should reach for a volume knob.  If the spread between Pandora or YouTube and iTunes were big, I'd have to be sure I was happy about how dynamically different the loud and quiet parts of the song are. Loudness Penalty

      Todd Mitchell

        @Christopher - on to your mixes!

        I'd be very interested to see how the two versions compare in Loudness penalty.  Generally, I like Lurssen better, but I feel like the mixes ended up coming out different.  I feel like the Lurssen version is better balanced, but has a bit too much presence.  There's a lot of sizzle that seems to me would throttle how loud someone is going to turn up the overall level.  The TR5 seems to be lacking in both balance and low end for me.

        Because the mastering seems to have altered the mixes to me, I'd suggest thinking about how much color you would want/expect from a mastering engineer.  But also valuable to know how much they CAN do!

        So the rest of my mix notes are specific to the Lurssen version.

        - I feel like there's generally a really great balance of the musical elements.

        - I personally believe the low vocal is a bit too audible. The performance is not synced well enough to the main vocal to be left audible (in my opinion)

        - I might consider thinking about your use of EQ and how those decisions move different instruments closer and further back. I do think there's a bit too much of the fizzy frequency (4k to 5k), particularly in the guitars.  For example, although the guitar solo isn't really much different in volume from the main vocal, it is so present in those frequencies, it made me reach for the master volume to turn the track down.  It also makes the guitars feel spatially closer to the listener than the singer.

        Generally though, really good job!  Best of luck!

        Todd Mitchell

          @Patrick Lesser, good job here too.  I'm going to echo the same thing I've said to others that I don't think the low vocal double is tight enough to have so audible.  I think that should be tucked further back (or use something like Melodyne to sync it better).

          Great, powerful snare sound.

          I think you did some great stuff with the distorted guitars (although perhaps a touch too present?  - but at the expense of the strummy ambient guitars (especially in the verse).  That's fine if it was a decision.

          Same with the lead...maybe just a little too much 4k? As the solo fades out, it seems like you've ducked that frequency?

          Cool effect on the vocal at the end.

          Other than the ambient strumming guitars, I wonder if the kick drum might need a bit more oomph?

          But generally a really great job here!  Best of luck in the contest.


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          Todd Mitchell

            @Patrik Larsson nice work.

            I do have a few notes.

            - I think most importantly, you could really take the drums up a notch.  They really are a bit anemic (except the snare isn't bad).  In particular, the toms need some love.

            - Generally the mix is blooming in the low-mids and the song is not holding up largely because there's not enough energy.  Some real judicious use of EQ could do wonders.  My first thought is that your bass guitar and rhythm guitars are probably the biggest offenders.  You might also brighten up the vocals considerably and then - because they'll be perceived much louder - you can dial back.  Also dial that low harmony back and cut away everything below maybe 200 Hz on that track?

            -Your EQ balance is probably best during the lead, but still thick.

            - I think you could automate the instruments a bit more too and allow for some more ear candy to mix things up for the listener?

            The best advice I could give is to reference this side by side with what you want this to sound like (not necessarily the original version or what anyone else has done - but how you would like it to sound!).  You could reference this against something off Back in Black or Pink Floyd or Genesis or Maroon 5...whatever you are into.  No matter what, I think you'll quickly hear where the differences are in the overall EQ and you'll be able to make some really powerful improvements.

            Hope that helps and best of luck!

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            Todd Mitchell

              @Mangus! Nice remix here!  It's great when someone actually produces their own vision for a song.  Great sound stage and really enjoy the ambiance choices you made.

              I do have a few suggestions to consider:

              - the rhythm guitars that open the track - once the rest of the instruments come in, these could use an EQ tweak, they start to contribute a lot to low-mid build up and because they aren't bright, they need too much volume to be audible.  More presence and cutting around 500-700 Hz (dynamic EQ would be a great way to do this) might give them that audibility without the build up.

              - vocals sound great and present throughout.  A bit thick, but that might be because of the build up I was referring to.

              - I can't say I love how the snare sits.  Especially as the kick drum has no point/bite.  With my sub off, the kick is basically gone.  It seems it was particularly deliberate what you chose for the snare, but to me it sounds more like a marching drum and doesn't appear to have any body at ~100 Hz. The drums then end up with no cohesion for me.

              Again though, I really like a lot of the creative decisions you made here!  Best of luck in the contest and I hope my suggestions are helpful!

              Magnus Emilsson

                Thanks a lot for the feedback Todd.

                I  agree on the guitars, although I think it's a bit lower down they build up, at least to my ear. It should have gotten a low mid clean up overall, never got around to that. 🙂

                The vocal was a decision, I like what the mids gave the vocal and the track. To me it gave it character and it is also the main "atmosphere" element in the track. thinning it removed the "warmth".

                I on the other hand love how the snare sits. Different tastes and all that. 🙂 The "snare" is supposed to be more of something undefined percussive than a snare, it's actually just white noise. The kicks are supposed to be heart beat-ish. I do have an audible kick on my laptop speakers still.

                It's all moot though, submitted a week ago, otherwise I would have fiddled it to bits by now. 🙂
                (I sort of have continued to change stuff to experiment, tuned the vocals, changed the chorus arrangement a bit, but won't upload that until after the comp.)


                Mark Marler

                  Ok so im new here but here was my submission, i hope you like, all feedback is very much welcomed. Many thanks and good luck all, there have been some amazing entries.


                  Juan Pablo

                    Hello everyone and thank you so much for the feedback. Is amazing the level of detailed analysis you guys do. I would love to provide feedback to my fellow PLAPers, but I feel completely unequipped and less than knowledgeable to do so. However, if you would like for me to give a go to your mix, please let me know and I will happily do it. BTW, here's a new version of CLC - Patienly for you to listen and tear apart when you have time. 😀 Thank you!

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                    • This reply was modified 4 years ago by Juan Pablo.
                    Dan Nichols

                      Hi Todd,

                      Thank you so much for your review, it's been interesting re-listening to the track with your thoughts on board...  Especially with the end vocal, i lifted it to give it more presence, but it actually now seems that should have been the level for the main vocal throughout.

                      Thanks again for your time, appreciate it.


                      Patrik Larsson

                        Hi Todd!

                        Thanks for feedback!

                        I worked on the mix this weekend but has not posted that yet.

                        In the latest mix I worked on toms because I was not happy how they sounded so I agree there that they needed some love.

                        When it come to vocals I´ll think its overall is very sharp somtimes in certain words, maybe some moore automation is needed.

                        Right now I´ll have Hennings mix as A reference track.

                        Did some automation on solo part last time but I´ll will look on the other instruments aswell.

                        Thanks again for you taking time listening and giving feedback, its means A lot!

                        Patrick Lesser

                          Hey @Todd Mitchell,

                          wow, thanks for this detailed and kind review to my mix! The feedback to my mix could really have been worse 😀 Happy that you are liking both the guitar-sound and the vocal-effect at the end... I wanted to enhance the idea of the broken vocal for the outro.

                          However I've made a revision of my version - little tweaks like lower octave-vocal a little bit lower in volume, a tiny bit of more oomph for the kick, tiny dip in the 4k-area....


                          Sorry, that I didn't find the time yet to review all you posted tracks here. Hopefully this weekend I'm going to have time to do this calmly.


                          Chris Knowles

                            Hey Serge,

                            Yeah, I really didn't like the balance of the overhead, room and ambient mic tracks so I had pretty much squelched them.  Decided to go back and try to make them work.  I think I got there.  I'll be posting my final mix shortly.

                            Thanks for the feedback.

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