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    Trevis Bick


      I am noticing a mega difference when bouncing my two track out of Pro Tools. I am bouncing from 44.1 / 24 to 44.1 / 16 and want to make sure I'm not missing something important. What is the best plug-in to use for dither? I currently have the L1 and I'm thinking about trying the Sony Oxford Limiter V2 to see if I get better results. The other option is, maybe it would be best to bounce at 44.1 / 24 and send it to a mastering engineer for the 16 bit conversion.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      James Gorman

        Hi Trevis,

        you can add Ozone to the list too. If you're sending it for mastering though, bounce to the native sample rate of the project and they'll resample for you (often via analogue).

        Markus Hofer


          try to disable the offline bounce option
          it takes longer but its worth it in my opinion

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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