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      I love this album (Souls Alike), and Bonnie Raitt in general.

      Mixed by the ever ridiculously talented Tchad Blake.

      I just wanted to mention it here, listen to the vocal how much drive there is on it. Once you notice it it almost seems like too much but I think it blends so super well with the track and gives it a real nice vintage vibe. In the intro you can't really hear the drive but you can tell how "dark" her voice is, there's very little high end and it could even be described as a bit dull but maybe warm is a better word.

      Edit: I also wanted to mention, for those of you who own the Slate Everything Bundle, the drive sound is very similar to what you can achieve with the FG-73 "Neve" preamp. I'd be curious to read about the recording setup for this album.

      Fantastic song, fantastic mix! Do you hear any other specifics in the song worth learning from?

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        i have been studying Tchad Blake... lot of distortion boxes over the years he would use sans amp on loads of stuff you wouldn't think..ive a tape op article i photocopied from a friend years ago he did a thing with pensado talked about how he is in the box now but he still like to distort stuff..and he dont like reverb
        thanks for posting this
        i wish i could be as brave to abuse gear more creatively

        Jonathan Parker

          That track sounds amazing.
          I always loved her music. Haven't listened in a while though. I'm going to add this to my list of records to dig into. Thanks for pointing it out!

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